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Kristi Yamaguchi

November 24, 1997

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Who says looks aren't important? Kristi Yamaguchi, the world famous ice skater and Olympic gold medalist, says that one of the things that first attracted her to ice skating was the fancy costumes the skaters wear. "When I was about six, I saw an ice show, and I was just so enchanted by the skaters, and how beautiful and graceful they looked in those costumes. After that, I pestered my parents until they let me take up ice skating!"

Yamaguchi's fond memories led her to create her own line of dress-up costumes for girls 4-11. "I call my line Dreamwear, and it's sold exclusively at Mervyn's in California," she explained. "Although I didn't design the outfits myself, I did have a lot of say in what the costumes looked like, and it was so much fun! I just wish there had been a line like Dreamwear when I was a kid!"

Yamaguchi has a soft spot in her heart for kids, and last year she set up her own Always Dream Foundation which helps organizations that benefit children. Proceeds from the Dreamwear line will go to the foundation, which Yamaguchi is very proud of. "I love helping children," she said compassionately. "Whether it's when I work with children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or when I hold charity events with different organizations."

One such event, Holiday Wishes for Children, a holiday special on ice, airs December 4th (1997). Yamaguchi will be accompanied by several young skaters decked out in the Dreamwear line, and the event will benefit several different children's charities.

Currently, Yamaguchi is still with the Stars on Ice tour, which she says she enjoys immensely.

And yes, she is dating a "special someone" although she won't reveal his name.

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