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Kathleen Wilhoite

March 16, 1998

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"When I signed with V2 records, I made it very clear that in making albums, touring, etc, I wanted my family with me. My husband produced my new album, and he and our two year old son, Jimmy-Ray, will be touring with me this spring," explained Kathleen Wilhoite, the screen actress/voice actress/singer best known for her role as Chloe on ER.

Recently Wilhoite has been concentrating on her music, and just released her new album, Pitch Like a Girl, penning all the songs herself. "It was hard choosing which of the many songs I'd written to put on my album," laughed Wilhoite. "My band and I got together and just ran through them, and it was pretty apparent which ones worked and which ones didn't."

Currently, Wilhoite is also voicing the title character of the television show, Pepper Ann, (ABC - Walt Disney's One Saturday Morning " program) whom she says she had a lot in common with at one time. "I was a lot like Pepper Ann when I was her age (twelve)," she laughed. "Of course, she's not realistic in every way, because it's a cartoon, and all her dreams and nightmares end up really happening to her, but I think kids can relate to her."

Wilhoite continued," I think Pepper Ann is also an excellent role model for girls. In a lot of shows and movies today, girls and women are always beautiful and perfect, which is pretty unrealistic. Pepper Ann looks like a normal girl, and she has a lot of spunk. She makes mistakes, she learns her lessons hard, but she's very funny."

Of the many aspects of her career, Wilhoite says she enjoys music- performing and writing songs - the best, but doesn't plan to give up acting any time soon.

She also enjoys spending time with family, which includes singing to Jimmy-Ray, who also seems to have an avid interest in music - he loves to rap the ABC's.

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