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Shauna Waldron

March 23, 1998

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Being given the key to a city is a big honor - but try getting out of the city with the key! When fifteen-year-old actress Shauna Waldron was filming the recently aired Disney telefilm Mr.Headmistress in Toronto, the mayor presented her with a key to the city, which she packed in a suitcase for the flight home. "I put my bag through the ex-ray machine and the security guards said, 'Um, do you have a really big key in your bag?" laughed Waldron. "They made me take it out so they could examine it! It seemed silly to me because it's just a key, what do they think I could do with it?" She continued, jokingly, "I should've called the mayor and told him he caused me a lot of trouble!"

Waldron's character in the film causes a lot of trouble too. "I play Beryl, a girl who's in boarding school. Harland Williams plays a con man on the run who dresses up like a woman and poses as the school's new headmistress. Beryl's friends have gotten rid of the last seven principals, and she helps them try to get rid of this one by playing some really nasty tricks - in one scene, she puts Superglue on his toothbrush!"

Very talkative and fun, Waldron, who also ice skates competitively, says she chose to concentrate more on acting because she enjoys being around people. "Acting and skating are both fun, but I really don't have time to put a lot of energy into both," she explained. "I guess I enjoy acting more because I get to work with a lot people, whereas ice skating is a very solitary activity and it gets kind of lonely."

Some of the people Waldron has worked with include Katey Sagal (a costar in Mr.Headmistress), Rick Moranis ( in the feature film Little Giants), and Michael Douglas in The American President. Here's a nice story about Douglas: Waldron, who played his daughter in the movie, learned to play the trombone for the part and liked the new hobby. But when the movie ended, she couldn't keep the trombone, so the big-hearted Douglas bought her one.

Waldron's future plans definitely include college, but she also intends to keep acting. "These days you have to have a college degree," she said sensibly. "And I'd like to go to film school so I could try directing and producing one day. But I don't think I ever want to get out of the business - I just can't see myself having a desk job."

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