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Michelle Trachtenberg

September 22, 1997

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From snooping around as Harriet the Spy to hiding the fact that her nanny's an alien on CBS' new television show Meego (Debuting September 26, 1997 the series will broadcast on Fridays, 8:30-9:00pm, Pt), eleven-year-old actress Michelle Trachtenberg brings boundless enthusiasm to everything she does - which now includes screenwriting.

"I'm writing a movie," she declared. "I may have to write it like a book first, then do it over as a screenplay, but I definitely want it to be made into a movie."

The plot, she proceeded to tell me, is a drama about the death penalty. "I thought about everything I'd heard on the news and in movies, and I started coming up with a plot: A man is murdered and everyone suspects his wife because he recently left her and took everything, so she would have the perfect motive - but it isn't her. I haven't decided when they'll find out she didn't do it - after she is sentenced to the death penalty and dies, or maybe right before," she mused thoughtfully.

And yes, I did say she's only eleven years old.

So is Maggie Parker, Trachtenberg's character on Meego. "I think Maggie is very realistic," Trachtenberg explained. "She goes through what most eleven year old girls go through: Trying to be cool and fit in; getting her first crush; occasionally fighting with her siblings, that kind of thing."

But not all eleven- year girls have a nine-thousand-year-old alien named Meego for a nanny.

Still, Trachtenberg believes aliens do exist. "I don't know if they're actually visiting Earth, but I do think there are aliens on other planets," she stated.

The one thing - on this planet - Trachtenburg wants to do is remain in show business. " I want to write my own movie, star in it, and direct it - several times. Behind the camera or in front of it, I want to be in the business," she proclaimed.

Although show business is her heart's desire, Trachtenburg does know the importance of education. "I am definitely going to college," she told me. "I always have a tutor with me when I'm on the set, so I don't miss school work. And I love learning."

One thing she's learned is that show business isn't all fun and glamour. "You have to work hard and sometimes you don't get a part, but you can't give up," she explained. " And you have to make sacrifices - sometimes you can't go play with your friends because you have to work. But I don't mind - I love acting."

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