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BASEketball has something to offend everyone. But South Park it ain't.

By Vivian Rose

While funny at times, the new movie BASEketball is, for the most part, tasteless trash. In other words, this movie will offend just about everyone.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker-- the geniuses who created South Park--star as Joseph 'Coop" Cooper and Doug Remer--the geniuses who created Baseketball, a combination of baseball and basketball with plenty of rudeness and crazy rules thrown in. (Until they accidentally created the game while trying to win a bet, they were just hopeless losers.) But Baseketball is a winner and soon everyone is talking about this hot new sport. Before you know it, there's even a national league (!).

Yasmine Bleeth plays Jenna Reed, the beautiful young knockout who runs the "Dream Come True Foundation", a children's charity. Coop, while trying to strike up a conversation, eagerly signs some autographs for the kids and says, "Oh, this is the charity that grants wishes for sick and dying kids."

"Actually," Jenna corrects, "We prefer to think of them as health challenged and survival impaired." Talk about being politically correct!

That's one of the few laughable scenes in this movie. A hospital room scene where Coop yells, "Get me those paddle things that George Clooney uses," cracked me up. There was also a fair share of comical one-liners spread throughout BASEketball. However, many scenes are downright disgusting. For example, a scene where Coop and Doug French-kiss each other just went too far. At that point, I'd really had about all I could stand.

Let's not forget the excessive swearing, blatant racial slurs, and general lack of tact that this film displays. No one with any sense could really enjoy such an annoying film. But then, I guess there's just no accounting for taste. BASEketball taught me that much.

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