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From cliff diving to cross-dressing, the new season of Road Rules rocks.

By Vivian Rose

The new season of MTV's Road Rules (weekdays, 3:00 P.M. ET) kicks off with an exciting episode. As usual, six men and women--all in their early twenties--are sent on the road to visit unique spots all over the world and experience surprise adventures.

The adventures begin in a tropical paradise in Hawaii, where our road warriors jump from treacherous rocks into the sparkling blue water below--first from twenty, then thirty, and finally forty-five feet, though only the braver half of the group had the guts to jump from that height. The other three stayed on the ground and held their breath. Personally, regardless of the jutting rocks and height, I would never have wimped out like that, and found myself wishing I could try it!

The next leg of their trip, they are sent on a treasure hunt, digging up sand at about twenty different locations on one beach. The group exhibits great enthusiasm, but they could have used a compass. At one point, the map indicates that they are to travel south, and they all point in different directions!

In between the footage of their actual adventures, you see interview clips of each individual, sometimes explaining how they felt during a particular situation. (Piggy, for example, described her terror just before jumping from the forty-five foot ledge).There is also footage of the six conversing while waiting for trains, staying at hostels, etc. They argue, they laugh, they discuss their personal lives--some of which sound almost too soap opera-ish to be real. But what distinguishes this show from The Real World is that it moves on to new adventures instead of focusing on the personal dramas.

As the episode progresses, they end up learning to be drag queens. This proves to be the most hilarious part of the show--watching their attempts to cross dress and act like members of the opposite sex was side splitting. Eventually, they divide up into two teams and compete against each other in a drag queen talent competition judged by real drag queens. One group wins by only half a point (a male group member couldn't find women's shoes to fit him, so he lost the half-point for them).

If the rest of the Road Rules episodes are as entertaining and diverting as this one, they should certainly be worth watching. Even though the adventures are loosely planned by the program producers, these people aren't actors, and no one can predict exactly what they'll do when--which is what makes the show so fresh and so fun.

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