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Invasion America aims to be event TV. But it failed to conquer me.

By Vivian Rose

Invasion America, which debuts with a two-part special on June 8 and 9 (WB, 9 p.m. ET), is billed as a "sophisticated, science fiction event." It falls a little short of that description. Still, there is hope for the three consecutive episodes that will air on Tuesday nights and culminate in a grand finale on Sunday, July 5th.

The main character of this animated series is David Carter (voiced by Mikey Kelley), an unusual young man who, not surprisingly, turns out to be half-alien. His father was Cale Oosha (voiced by Lorenzo Lamas), ruler of the planet Tyrus, and his mother was an earth woman named Rita (voiced by Katie Soucie). When David was still very small, his father was forced to return to Tyrus and left his friend Rafe (voiced by Edward Albert) on earth to guard his family.

Now 17, David discovers his alien roots when two other aliens attempt to kidnap him. Rafe saves him, and explains to David that he must now stop an army of Tyrusians--led by David's great-uncle, the Dragit--from invading Earth. David receives the Exotar, a special glove that enhances his alien powers: he has the ability to halt or move objects without touching them. Rafe also introduces David to your typical superior alien technology--lots of gizmos and gadgets and fancy machinery. Meanwhile, two federal agents--one of whom looks like a cartoon version of Winona Ryder, what a coincidence--suspect something is up and try to track them down as well.

I found it interesting that the Tyrusians referred to Earthlings as greedy and power-hungry, yet they wanted to invade America partly for our nuclear weapons. Hmmmm. In any case, it's a big adventure for David to defend the Earth in a gigantic interplanetery struggle. Along with the war comes (surprise!) many special-effects and specially enhanced action scenes. Though appropriately portrayed, the ending of the two-part debut is rather predictable.

I did appreciate the fact that they tried to mix a little humor into the show; when Rafe asks David if he knows how to handle a gun, David replies, "Sure, I go to the movies." If you ask me, Invasion America needed more of this kind of humor and less action. But the Game Boy gang will probably eat it up.

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