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Why would anyone over the age of two want to watch Teletubbies? I don't get it.

By Vivian Rose

Teletubbies, the PBS show for toddlers, is certainly a nice show for small children. What I don't understand is why so many adults and teens are supposedly watching it (according to one article I read, 43% of all viewers in Britain watched it during Christmas week). I can easily understand putting this show on for a toddler--but watching it yourself? I don't get it.

Is it because the Teletubbies, four fuzzy little creatures with TV screens in their bellies, are thought to be so cute? Or is it the colorful but ridiculously surreal scenery? Neither particularly impressed me.

There really is no plot to discuss on Teletubbies. The Teletubbies, who all have basically the same sweet, cheerful personality, romp around amidst colorful fake flowers and apparently live bunny rabbits. Occasionally they pause to receive live-action segments on their belly boxes. These segments consist of small children having fun--jumping up and down, riding bikes, etc. The annoying thing is that each segment is repeated so you have to watch the exact same thing twice! Maybe this is supposed to leave more of an imprint in a young child's mind, but I found it rather irritating and frustrating.

If you have to sit through a children's show, Teletubbies is at least less aggravating than Barney because, thank the gods and goddesses of TV, they don't sing--although one show did include a short segment where a guy sang lullabies to babies.

And if Teletubbies is an educational show, what exactly is it supposed to be teaching? Unlike Barney, it doesn't deliver any moral issues or safety messages (or whatever else the big purple dinosaur preaches). Teletubbies doesn't really say much of anything about anything; it's just a mindless way to occupy your toddler. That's great if you just want to entertain small children for half an hour, but don't expect them to gain anything from it.

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