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Mixing live action and cartoons, the new teen sitcom Student Bodies is a real winner.

By Vivian Rose

Student Bodies (syndicated, check local listings) is a lively new teen sitcom that mixes animation and live action. This fresh and original idea makes for a winning new type of comedy.

The main character, Cody Miller (Jamie Elman) is a high school student whose ambition is to be an artist. He places his thoughts on paper as comical cartoons, which viewers see as about a minute of animation. Meanwhile, the plot of the show continues around Cody's problems and experiences.

For example, he's dating the new girl, Emily (Nicole Lyn), but on the "Tanya" episode, he takes an art class where he sketches nude models. At first he plans to be honest and tell Emily about this, but the model, Tanya, is so gorgeous that Cody decides Emily would never understand. When she asks him what he sketched in art class he says, "Oh, just a bowl of fruit." Then he leaves momentarily and Emily decides to peek at his sketches. Boy is she surprised! "A bowl of fruit, huh?" she says angrily when he returns."Nice oranges. . .or should I say grapefruit." Great laughs, but Cody's in big trouble now!

But gorgeous Tanya likes Cody, and invites him to come over to her apartment anytime to "talk. . .or whatever." When Cody decides he wants to try to patch things up with Emily and forget Tanya, his friend Chris (Ross Hull) says eagerly, "If you're not going to use her address you should give it to someone who can." Meanwhile, Chris manages to get accepted into Cody's art class. I won't spoil the surprise for you, but he sure doesn't get what he bargained for! The show ends with Cody going to Tanya's apartment after all. Apparently, it's over between him and Emily--or is it?

Two earlier episodes included more detailed subplots about Chris and Cody's other friends, such as Flash (Jessica Goldapple), who was secretly involved with Chris for a while. Mags (Katie Emme) is the older-sister type friend who gives Emily dating advice (often the opposite of what Chris advises Cody to do).

I laughed frequently during this silly show, and what really makes it work is the unique combination of acting and cartoons. If it had been straight acting it might have been less catchy and quick-paced, and therefore less amusing. If it had been straight animation, it would have lost any credibility it might have had as a "teens-in-high-school" show.

While not exactly realistic, Student Bodies has recognizable "guys-complaining-about-girls" lines (and vice versa). For example, the funniest bit in one episode is when Cody draws a dinosaur that resembles his father. In a short segment the dinosaur advises him, "The number one trick question that no man can answer without screwing himself up is. . . ."Does this dress make me look fat?"

Now, I have one question: When is "Student Bodies" coming to a major network?


Click here to find out where you can catch Student Bodies in your area. The official website also has a screensaver, and lots of hot pics of the cast--including some from the special "Guys" issue of the new Seventeen.

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