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Party of Five's back. Was the much-hyped return episode worth the wait?

By Vivian Rose

After six weeks off the air, Party of Five 's back and the Salinger clan's woes are once again being watched intently by many devoted fans. Although not a regular viewer, I simply had to catch the much talked-about return episode.

The big question on everyone's minds before the last episode aired was whether Charlie, who has been fighting cancer, would live. The answer was, predictably, yes. Now Charlie wants to celebrate, but when he's forced to cancel the party, a stripper hired by one of his friends still shows up. Also predictably, Charlie runs into her again and they begin a romance.

Julia (Neve Campbell) pursues romance, too--with her husband Griffin. Trying to revive the romance in her marriage isn't easy because Griffin's too guilt-ridden about sleeping with another woman to even act innocent. After a few uneasy days where he is visibly edgy, he confesses that he slept with Rebecca, a woman he apparently knows at work, and Julia is understandably mad because he lied to her. (Rebecca won't speak to him either because he didn't tell her he was "working things out" with his wife--or she wouldn't have slept with him.)

Also rekindling their romance are Bailey (Scott Wolf) and Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who have the torturous task of trying to entertain a six year old girl who desperately wants her mother. They can't get her to go to bed for anything, so Hewitt winds up letting the girl "fix" her hair, otherwise known as tying it in knots. The incredibly handsome Wolf winds up with eye shadow and lipstick all over his face. (How could the producers do that to such a hunk?)

For all the hype, this special double episode wasn't all that much different from any of the other episodes. It did have some funny, almost sitcom-ish parts, a welcome change from the usual diet of gloom and doom. But though it was very entertaining and held my attention, the show isn't that original and it's too easy to see where the plot is going. It's just not quite thrilling enough to make an every-week fan out of me.

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