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The Closer hasn't yet closed the deal on a hit. But Tom Selleck's comic flair makes it a contender.

By Vivian Rose

The new CBS sitcom The Closer is like NBC's Working with an older cast.

Not that Tom Selleck isn't just as funny as Fred Savage. With sidekick Ed Asner, and a whole cast of hilarious characters, Selleck rivals Fred Savage, although he isn't quite as handsomely fresh-faced, of course! But he still has plenty of that old Magnum, P.I. charm and a natural comic flair.

Selleck portrays Jack, who earned his nickname "The Closer" from closing so many deals for his advertising firm. However, in the first episode, he gets fired for beating the President of the United States at golf, which loses him the U.S. Army's account. This seemed terribly unrealistic, even for a sitcom!

Asner's character is a diabetic, and he makes his debut on the show with a crack about sticking a needle in his butt. He continues with the dry wisecracks, and is enjoyably reminiscent of his role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But Jack's droll teenage daughter isn't quite rebellious enough for a sitcom teen. She should get a tattoo or pierce her nose and give Jack a heart attack. Now that would be really humorous.

Recently divorced, Jack is also in the market for a new girlfriend. But he doesn't start dating again for several episodes, and when he does it's a flash from the past: his first date is an old flame movie star who once broke his heart.

Meanwhile, back on the work front, all of Jack's coworkers and friends have also been fired--including the new accountant, who's been on the job all of thirty minutes when she receives her pink slip. Naturally, Jack decides to start his own advertising firm. Naturally, he invites his old staff to join him. They set up shop in a dump of a building that he does manage to fix up in later episodes.

Hopefully, as the show evolves, the writers will manage to fix up a few plot and character flaws. Meanwhile, Tom Selleck has enough skill as a comedian to cover up the gaffes and make The Closer a pleasurable sitcom for all ages.

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