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Just like the Oscars, Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards had its highs and lows.

By Vivian Rose

Following the Oscars last month, Nickelodeon held its 11th annual Kids' Choice Awards on April 4th, presenting awards to winners voted for by kids.

Rosie O'Donnell, who makes it no secret that she's just a big kid herself, hosted the event with great enthusiasm. Guest star appearances included Madonna, Drew Barrymore, and child actors from many of Nickelodeon's shows.

Musical guest performers included the Hanson brothers, who won two awards. (Knowing Hanson's popularity with kids and teens, did they even have to bother voting for those awards?) But the best musical performance was by Aerosmith, who performed their current hit song "Pink." There is something terribly amusing about watching Steven Tyler drag his mike stand around the stage wearing a pink feather boa and an ostentatiously large hat. It struck me as hilariously funny.

It's no surprise that Titanic, which cleaned up at the Oscars, was just as popular with kids and easily won Nickelodeon's Best Movie award. Titanic supporting actor Billy Zane (who recently shaved his head--a definite improvement if you ask me) accepted the award with a rather corny and almost mockingly poetic speech. I kept waiting for him to reach the punch line, but there never was one. Apparently he was serious!

Melissa Joan Hart received Best Actress in a TV Show for her role in Sabrina the Teen Witch, though her outfit was less than bewitching; she showed up in a white- trimmed black dress that looked like a maid's uniform minus the apron. Will Smith won Best Movie Actor for Men in Black and gave his acceptance speech via tape. He made a rather predictable but funny comedy sketch out of it, first "reminding all the kids out there that movies are just make-believe," then receiving a phone call about "trouble in sector six".

On the sports front, Michael Jordan (Best Male Athlete), Kristi Yamaguchi (Best Female Athlete) and the Chicago Bulls (Best Sports Team) scored big.

They even had an award for Best New Award Category--Best Dressed. That prize went to Puff Daddy (who also won Best Music Star) and, fittingly enough, he had the honor of being "slimed" (Nickelodeon's trademark) by Rosie O'Donnell. I can tell you from personal experience that being "slimed" is an overrated experience. Puff Daddy has my sympathy.

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