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Even though he skipped the Academy Awards, Leo made his presence felt on Hollywood's--and Titanic's--big night.

By Vivian Rose

Ah, Oscar night! Time to watch the abundant mistakes, spur-of-the-moment jokes, and unexpected winners with their unplanned acceptance speeches. And even though he didn't show--much to the disappointment of the crowds of teenage girls hoping to catch a glimpse--Leonardo DiCaprio was very much a presence at the 70th Annual Academy Awards.

Host Billy Crystal opened the show with a satiric song about the films nominated for Best Picture that mentioned missing Leo: "You don't have to look like Leo, Matt, or Ben." He even stretched out on a couch like Rose to parody the Titanic scene where DiCaprio sketches Winslet nude. Although Crystal was amusing, does it make sense that while DiCaprio was such an integral part of the movie--and Crystal's sketch--he wasn't even nominated for an Oscar?

And who knows why Drew Barrymore presented the award for Best Makeup wearing daisies in her hair and glitter eye shadow. I really think it's time for her to give up the babyish look in favor of something a little more sophisticated --she looks like a twelve-year-old! Maybe she should have asked the winners (the makeup artists for Men in Black) to help with her makeup!

The only awards Titanic didn't win were for acting--Best Actress went to Helen Hunt, who truly deserved the award for her role in As Good as it Gets. While she was going up to get the award, the camera flashed on Kate Winslet's face--bad time to do so! The expression of pain on her face when her lover died in Titanic was less tragic! Come to think of it, maybe that's why she didn't win. . . .

But it was Titanic that won most of the awards for the technical aspects of movie production--Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Art Direction, etc.--along with its widely predicted Best Picture win. It's no wonder James Cameron shouted "I'm King of the World!" when he won Best Director. Still, I wonder how DiCaprio felt when he heard that--his own famous line from the film!

Throughout the show, I kept wondering: where's Leo? I don't blame him for not showing since he wasn't nominated for anything (and should have been!) but is that the real reason he stayed away? The answers to those questions were still sealed in an envelope when the last award had been handed out and winners and losers alike headed out to celebrate Oscar's 70th birthday.

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