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Donning her Teen Movie Critic hat, Vivian Rose takes on Oscar

By Vivian Rose

It's that time of year again. You can't turn on the TV without seeing something about the Oscars, and you can't go to the movies without seeing many of the nominees. Like every movie critic, I have my own predictions about what names will be called when they ask for "the envelope, please." But first I'd like to air a few frustrations about the whole Oscar process.

Why don't they ever nominate horror/sci-fi movies? Scream 2 was as big a hit as most of the nominated movies--if not bigger. The acting was incredibly sincere and Wes Craven did an excellent job of directing it; despite a few bloody scenes, it was not a cheesy, all-special-effects-and-no-plot film. I'll admit many horror/sci-fi films would fall into that category, but this one didn't, and it should have been nominated for something. Why leave out fine actress Neve Campbell?

Then there's the question of what idiot failed to shout "Oh no, we forgot to nominate Leonardo DiCaprio! We must correct this dreadful mistake quickly, before the nominations are announced!" This is ridiculous. They nominated Kate Winslet for Best Actress in Titanic, but DiCaprio, who starred opposite her and did just as superb an acting job, if not better, doesn't get a Best Actor nomination!? Well, it's no mystery why that happened. Because teen girls flocked to see DiCaprio in Titanic (over and over!), they wrote him off as a teen idol and decided that nominating him would make a mockery of the Academy. Although it's true he's a big teen heartthrob, they overlooked the fact that his acting was genuine and convincing.

So who's going to win? With the exception of LA Confidential, I loved the Best Picture nominees: As Good as it Gets, The Full Monty, Good Will Hunting--and, of course, Titanic, which has a fantastic shot at Best Picture and certainly deserves to win. The other three films are terrific, but I just don't think they're quite phenomenal enough to win Best Picture.

Best Actor is a category I'm agonizing over. How do those Academy judges ever choose? Matt Damon, the best-looking, portrayed a mixed-up genius with sincerity in Good Will Hunting; Dustin Hoffman was hilarious in Wag the Dog but Jack Nicholson was equally funny as an obsessive-compulsive author in As Good As It Gets; Peter Fonda was an impressive serious actor in Ulee's Gold. I think they all deserve to win.

Another hard-to-pick category is Best Actress. I didn't see the movie Julie Christie was nominated for (Afterglow), and I became so bored I walked out of Her Majesty Mrs. Brown, in which Judi Dench played Queen Victoria. That narrows my field down to Kate Winslet, Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets), and Helena Bonham Carter (Wings of the Dove). Though it's a tough call, I'd choose Winslet's endearing performance in Titanic.

For Best Supporting Actor, my pick is Robin Williams, who was superb in the dramatic role of a psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting. And though Joan Cusack (In & Out) and Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting) both deserve the Best Supporting Actress award, Gloria Stuart might be more likely to win, considering the Titanic rage.

Whatever happens on Oscar night, you can be sure of a few things. The show will drag on too long. There will be lots of fashion don'ts and a few gorgeous fashion do's, endless acceptance speeches and a few genuinely moving moments. Check back next week for my review of Hollywood's biggest night on TV!

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