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Noted Teen Movie Critic Vivian Rose casts her critical eye on Dawson's Creek.

By Vivian Rose

Dawson's Creek, an As the World Turns-type show for teens, contains everything that most soap operas have: convoluted plots, lots of buried secrets, interesting characters, and talented actors.

The main character, Dawson (nicely portrayed by James Van Der Beek), is a ninth grader who plans to be a filmmaker. His bedroom walls are plastered with posters of every Spielberg film ever made, and he sees everything in life as part of a script. As Joey (Katie Holmes), Dawson's friend--but not girlfriend, although she crawls in his bedroom window every Saturday evening to spend the night!--points out, he has a slight problem with reality.

Dawson becomes involved with Jen (Michelle Williams), the new girl in town, an attractive blonde New Yorker who, you know, hides a shady past. Immediately jealous, Joey at first attempts to wreck their relationship, then gives up and begins to accept Jen. However, it looks like Dawson wants to date Joey now, too, but she wants to remain "just friends."

Meanwhile, Dawson's mother, an anchorwoman on the news, is obviously cheating on his father with her co-anchor, Bob. Joey, who realizes it before Dawson, doesn't tell him, so he ignores the situation, refusing to "accept reality." When he discovers the truth, he is very upset and winds up blaming Joey for not telling him.

Last but not least, there's Dawson's best friend, Pacey (Joshua Jackson), who is having an affair with his stunning 40-year-old English teacher. (I thought this subplot was done in poor taste, considering that a high school teacher recently went to jail for having an affair with one of her students.)

It does annoy me when TV shows about teenagers star actors who look much older. Joshua Jackson, in particular, looks he's closer to twenty than fifteen. Van Der Beek and Williams look about eighteen. The only actor who looks like she could be fifteen is Holmes.

Overall, though, the show is quite engaging, and grabs your attention. Teens will love it, and adults will find it amusing as well.

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