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Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams both battle evil forces in summer movies. But I rather watch them fight over Dawson.

By Vivian Rose

Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes, who fight over Dawson Leary on The WB's Dawson's Creek, have finally decided to move on to another battlefield: horror movies. At least for the summer, that is.

Disturbing Behavior opened July 31 and barely made a ripple at the box office. Wonder why?

In Disturbing Behavior, Katie Holmes is Rachel Wagner, a high school rebel who runs with the "wrong crowd." Rachel's friends have decided that the principal is turning kids into zombies via the school's Blue Ribbons program, which is supposed to straighten out students who get bad grades, etc. Holmes's acting is fine, but she doesn't really have much of a role to play. And you hardly see any blood in Disturbing Behavior, which I suspect only earned an R rating for language. The plot certainly isn't original--a school full of zombies? What kid with an overactive imagination hasn't thought of that one?

Halloween: H20 is only slightly better. The plot is not tightly constructed either, but at least you get to see a fair amount of bloodshed for your money.

Michelle Williams is a terrific Molly, great at shrieking and running, which is what she spends most of the movie doing. Molly is the girlfriend of John Tate, whose mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) is the rather famous Laurie Strode. In earlier movies, Laurie's brother killed her sister and several of her friends and she has now changed her name to Keri Tate. Apparently the producers tried to improve upon this Halloween movie by adding a lot of psychological junk about her fragile emotional state, etc. It didn't work.

Well, you know what happens. Brother dearest comes after Keri and her family on Halloween, and kills anyone else who happens to get in his way. Like I said, Michelle Williams is great at shrieking and running. What annoyed me was the fact that Keri keeps missing opportunities to finish the killer off. The only explanation is that she knew she had to stretch out the chase scene for another half-hour so that moviegoers wouldn't feel cheated. That didn't work either.

I just felt like smacking some sense into Keri. I actually found myself snapping at the movie screen, "He isn't dead you idiot, stab him again!" That was when I remembered that I was in a movie theatre with a bunch of other people, so I shut up. But no one gave me any funny looks, so I suspect everyone was feeling exactly the same way.

In short, it's much more fun to watch Williams and Holmes battle it out over Dawson Leary than to watch either one of them battle it out with an evil force.

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