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Teen Movie Critic - III

Teen Movie Critic - III

Mandy Heiser

I live with my parents in Southern California. I have four pets (a dog and three cats). My interests include; movies, video games, anime, dogs and sports. I've had a great interest in writing and in movies ever since I can remember. Even in my earliest memories my dream was to become an author, as I got older, my interests in film grew, and I decided to follow the path to writing for film. My dream is still first and foremost, to write novels, while also writing for movies and TV. I have an odd academic life; I found I do best when I teach myself things (I taught myself how to type, spell ect.), so last year my parents decided to let me be home-schooled, where I do everything myself while they work. All in all, I'm not the greatest student. I only really concentrate on what I enjoy doing (which is definitely not schoolwork).

I consider myself verbose, opinionated, argumentative and a bit critical. I've often been described by others as sophisticated, clever and witty (of course I only mention the good things ;) Besides being a big movie buff, I also like to analyze and think about films (hence my love for crime movies) and discuss them with others. Here's some useless information on me that may help you understand the types of movies I enjoy:

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