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Teen Movie Critic - II

About the Teen Movie Critic - II

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Rating System

The images below are used to show how I rate the movies. Select the image to see movies I have rated with that rating, sorted alphabetically.

Editor's note:An alphabetic listing of all movies reviewed by ALL TMCs now online at TMC-IV.

Since Totally TV is now defunct, we have transferred Vivian's TV reviews to this site for your information.
In addition to Vivian's written reviews, we will be adding audio versions which can be played back using RealAudio players which will be made available via hot banner links with each review as well as from the banner button below.

To write Vivian about this site,
contact (Vivian Rose)
The Dream Machine is proud to announce NEW Teen Movie Critic - III, Mandy Heiser. A fifteen year old girl from Winetka, California, Mandy is new at reviewing films, but we think you will find her a fitting successor to Roger Davidson and Vivian Rose, whose reviews remain on the Web.

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