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Kevin Sheridan

September 15, 1997

Picture this: You're in a restaurant. A woman walks up, says you should be an actor, and gives you her agency's card. Later you decide to call the number and you get set up with your own agent. Things just flow from there, and before you know it you're on an ABC sitcom. If you're thinking that that sounds about as realistic AS a sitcom, you're wrong. That's just how fifteen-year-old Kevin Sheridan, who plays Dan Aykroid's son on ABC's Soul Man, got started.

Getting started may have been easy, but once he was in the business, Sheridan admits it wasn't all fun and glamour - but hard work. "It's been tough trying to balance acting, school, and sports," explained Sheridan, an avid volleyball player. "Acting takes a lot of time. For a while, I had to give up playing volleyball - temporarily."

Since then he's taken up the sport again, and recently went to Denver for the 1997 National Junior Olympics. His team was twenty- sixth out of sixty-six teams. In 1995 he won the silver medal, and in 1996, the gold.

Sheridan wants everyone to know that he's an average, normal guy, living in Pacific Palisades, California with his parents and two younger brothers and that he is the only actor in his family.

Like most normal teenagers, Sheridan finds time to hang out at the beach with his friends.

His character on Soul Man, Kenny Weber, is also a normal guy - whose dad happens to be a minister. "I think the show is realistic in that Kenny probably has the same problems as most minister's kids," Sheridan speculated. "On the other hand, it's not realistic because the minister used to be in a biker gang," he added with a laugh.

Although he has considered a career in volleyball, would like to try directing, and definitely plans to attend college, Sheridan says he's not going to give up acting. "I love acting," he stated. "And I wouldn't quit for the world."

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