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Ben Shepard

April 19, 1999

Ben Shepard is a 14 year old boy in the 8th grade and lives in Washington D.C. He enjoys reading, musing on the nature of morality, "hanging" with his homeboyz and watching then making sarcastic remarks about movies. He has no previous experience writing reviews, but has been writing creatively since he was in 1st grade. He enjoys music, in particular R.E.M, The Talking Heads, Butthole Surfers and U2. He is an atheist and idiosyncratic, iconoclastic and nonconformist one at that. He despises the focus group-formula sludge that passes for the majority of teen oriented artistic expression today.

The Matrix

The Matrix is an often brilliant film about reality and technology. Thomas Anderson is a software writer for a large corporation who hacks on the side under the alias Neo. One night he receives a message on his computer from Morpheus, a fugitive technoterrorist. The two meet. Morpheus shows Neo the reality of his world. Soon Neo becomes a member of a group of freedom fighters.

This is all I can say without revealing the story. The plot may seem impenetrable, but it becomes clear as one watches the movie. Directed by the Wachowski brothers in their second effort (the first was the Sappho Flick Bound). The Matrix contains breathtaking special effects including one jaw-dropping scene combat scene that defies the laws of physics. This Movie shares the same visual darkness and brilliant set pieces of the underrated Dark City. The script is tainted with a deadweight romantic subplot, philoso-blabber such as, "What is real?", "How do you define real?" and several awkward conversations. The actors are capable and often excellent, especially the Australian actor Hugo Weaving playing the lead antagonist, Mr. Smith. In the lead role, however Keanu Reeves proves that one can be onscreen for an hour and a half and show no subtlety or layers of emotion.

My Rating = Three Stars

Ben Shepard can be reached directly at MBoogeyman@aol.com.
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