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Ben Savage

April 20, 1998

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Ben Savage, who portrays Cory Matthews on ABC's Boy Meets World says that he has a lot in common with his character, who graduates on the May 15th episode. (Savage, 18, graduates in June and is looking forward to it.) "On the show, Cory and his friends are nervous because they're all going to different colleges," explained Savage. "Cory is upset and scared because he wanted his friends to stay together."

Savage stated that the last few episodes are basically about "everyone" getting into college - sort of like a 4-part series. Also, there's a big surprise in the last episode," he added mysteriously. (He wouldn't give me the smallest hint about the surprise, either.)

Boy Meets World, which has aired for five years, will probably continue for another year, says Savage. "Cory's done a lot of changing; he used to hate girls, now he's very passionate about his girlfriend; he's become very levelheaded," Savage reflected. "Usually Cory changes the way Ben is changing - and I can't predict how I'm going to change in the future, so I can't predict how my character is going to change."

Like Cory, Savage has plans for college. "I definitely want to keep acting, but I think I'll major in something else," he said thoughtfully. "I'd like to major in English and maybe study creative writing. I'd also like to branch out in my career and try writing movies or plays, so that might come in handy." Savage isn't sure if he'll be going right to college next year, or if he'll postpone it to film the show for another year.

Savage began acting when he was seven, about the same time that his older brother Fred, now 20, began. "There was never any rivalry between us," he stated. "We're very close and are proud of each other's achievements." Like Fred, who starred on the series The Wonder Years as a teen and now stars in the sitcom Working, Ben hopes to make the transition from teen actor to adult actor.

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