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Katey Sagal

April 18, 1998

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Katey Sagal, the unpredictably funny homemaker on Married With Children (reruns still showing on Fox) has done so many crazy things while filming the episodes that she couldn't remember them all. "I had to wear wigs, parade in crazy outfits, and do all kinds of crazy things," she remembered.

Now that the show is over, Sagal remembers how much fun she had on the set. "It isn't often that an actress gets to spend so much time on ONE job. In the acting business, you usually go from one thing to another," she explained. "But the show lasted several years, and I liked that because everyone got along so well, and had so much fun together. Ed O'Neill (Ted Bundy) my television husband was such a funny guy, always making us laugh."

Since Married With Children ended, Sagal has been concentrating on her music releasing two CD's. Besides singing, and writing songs for her albums, Sagal has been acting, most recently in the film Mr. Headmistress, and on audio in The Stealer of Souls stereo cassettes, a wonderful new series from the Radio Repertory Company of America.

When she's not busy professionally, Sagal spends much time with her children, Sarah (4), and Jackson (1) "One of the big ways I'm different from Peg Bundy is that I'm a 'hands on' mom," she related. "I pay attention to my kids. Peg loved her kids, but she really wasn't too attentive," chuckled Sagal.

As for getting her kids into "Show business", Sagal, who grew up in a show business family, wants to encourage education - first. "I want my kids to do what they're happiest doing. If they want to act, I'll try to help them, but I want them to go to college first," she stated, "and I want to make sure they don't see acting as all glamour."

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