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Alan Ruck

March 2, 1998

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What makes Michael J. Fox's ABC comedy Spin City so appealing to people? According to Alan Ruck, who portrays Stuart Bondek, the Mayor's chief of staff, it's the fact that the show is so unrealistic. " On the show coworkers are always taking potshots at each other," Ruck explained. "If you did that in real life, someone would get in a fistfight; they'd get fired, you might have a lawsuit...etc. But it's fun for people to see it on television.

Ruck says that doing the show makes his job fun. "I think I have more fun playing this character than I've ever had in acting," he stated. "I usually play the 'nice best friend' type, but on 'Spin City', I get to play a guy who's edgy, who's not so nice. Stuart certainly isn't a moral model! But then he always gets what's coming to him."

Another reason Ruck enjoys doing the show is the other cast members. "I'm getting to work with some of the funniest people I've ever met!" he exclaimed.

"Michael J. Fox is a very generous actor," he continued. "He doesn't hog the spotlight. He wants the rest of us to be funny and have good scenes too. He pushes us to be funny, sort of shows us off."

Ruck became fascinated with acting in the sixth grade. "What I've always loved about acting is that I don't have to spend my whole life being just one thing - I don't always have to be a lawyer, I can just play one for a while. Being different characters is great. I guess I never grew up!"

Ruck may not have "grown up", but he did realize the importance of education. "I didn't just move to Hollywood and start acting," he said. "First I went to college and studied theatre, and I would recommend would-be actors to do the same."

Married with two young children, Ruck doesn't know if he wants his kids to start acting. "I wouldn't want them to miss their childhood because they're busy working," he said. "But if they want to act, I'm not against it. I'd just like them to wait until they're older."

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