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Branscombe Richmond

December 1, 1997

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"Timing, chance, good fortune, talent and perserverance are the five things you need to get ahead. That's what my father taught me. He said, 'When the time comes, you may need to take a chance, and when you do, God willing, you'll hit a little good fortune, '" said Branscombe Richmond, better known as Bobby Six-Killer on Renegade - the second most watched television show in the world (after Baywatch).

Richmond spoke highly of his character, Bobby Six-Killer, who is a Native American bounty hunter, a hard-core negotiator and a multi-millionaire. With more than 300 television shows, and 100 feature films to his credit, Richmond said, "For years I played the heavy, now I play the good guy - Bobby Six-Killer!"

The "good-guy," (Richmond, that is) with a good working knowledge of setting up shots, has recently directed an episode of Renegade called Hog Calls. He loved it so much that he plans to direct two more episodes later this year.

As for other aspects of his career, Richmond not only acts and directs, but is the lead singer of his Branscombe Richmond and the Renegade Posse band. His 8 piece "rock and country" band also includes a big laugh comedy routine, because as Richmond said, "I'm a ham!"

For seven months of the year, he's on the set of Renegade, and the other five months he's touring with his band. He further explained, "My country music is being propelled by my visibility on Renegade, so I will never quit acting."

Or being a stuntman - despite broken ribs, and a broken collarbone. In Cobra, Richmond did a 65-foot fall with Sylvester Stallone. But that's not where he broke his collarbone - that happened in a bar room brawl stunt, and he broke his ribs falling from a horse in How the West Was Won. Richmond warned, "The big stunts are a calculated risk, and I have to be very careful especially on the landings, but it's the small, simple stunts that I can never let my guard down on - because when I do, I usually get hurt." With all his credits and accomplishments, what is Richmond most proud of? "I don't think I've reached that point yet," he admitted, "but, I had the most fun working with so many famous actors like Marlon Brandon, (Richmond was an Island boy in Mutiny on the Butiny) Frank Sinatra, Burt Reynolds, and the list goes on."

When he mentioned all these names from days gone by, I was curious just how old Richmond is. His answer, "27 years old." When you are watching him on Renegade, just remember, he's older than he looks.

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