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Jessica Prunnel

February 16, 1998

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Jessica Prunnel, host of Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC-TV spends her Saturday mornings with friends watching One Saturday Morning on TV. "We'll joke about the crazy outfits I have to wear, and the things I do on the show. It's weird watching myself on TV with friends sitting nearby, because that's when it really sinks in that so many people are watching me. When you watch it in a studio it feels different," laughed Prunnel.

The part of Charlie is very different for Prunnel, who previously had roles on several soap operas, and has played mostly serious roles. (You might also recognize her from her role as Stacy in The Babysitters' Club movie.)

"It was challenging to develop my character, Charlie," said Prunnel. "I never played a tomboy before or anyone like Charlie. She's fun, yet she's also trying to teach her new co-host Phil (Travis Wester) the ropes. Fortunately the producers were great about letting me take a creative license and develop this character in my own way."

Prunnel explained why kids can relate to One Saturday Morning: "It's very relaxed; we're always saying 'It's Saturday morning, it's fine to eat cereal in front of the TV and watch cartoons.'"

Prunnel was just a kid herself - only six years old - when she began modeling and acting. "I guess I missed out on some things, like spending a lot of time with my friends, because I started acting so young," Prunnel admitted. "But I don't regret it because my career has been fun."

Presently, twenty-year old actor, Prunnel is in college, majoring in psychology and aiming for a law career. "I don't ever want to leave the entertainment business," she stated. "If acting doesn't work out, I'd like to be a lawyer specializing in entertainment law. I also think it's important that I know a lot about law so I can read my contracts, etc. And I find psychology fascinating - what makes people do the things they do, and how psychology applies to the laws in our society."

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