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Danica McKellar

June 22, 1998

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The New Loveboat (UPN) features hot new actors and modern story lines. But how does it stack up to the original Loveboat?

When I spoke with Danica McKellar, who guest starred on a recent episode of The New Loveboat, she gave me her opinion. "The New Loveboat is a little less hokey than the original - don't get me wrong, the original's a classic - but this one is geared for a slightly younger audience. It discusses more contemporary issues, more contemporary jokes, and I think it has more substance."

For example, McKellar guest starred as a young woman planning to be a nun. "She meets this sailor, and they fall for each other - it's love at first sight," she explained. "Then she has to decide whether she wants to get involved with him, or stick with her original plan of becoming a nun."

McKellar, who is best known for her role as Winnie on The Wonder Years always knew what she planned to do. "Education was also put at the forefront on The Wonder Years set," she recalled.

Recently, she graduated from UCLA with a degree in mathematics, and was the only undergraduate asked to speak at a Rutgers University mathematics conference last year. "I was so nervous," she recollected. "There were all these old college professors at the conference, and they must have been surprised to see this young girl get up and start lecturing! It was such an experience!"

McKellar has other fond memories of her Wonder Years years. "Fred {Savage} and I would discuss things that would later end up in the script - it was like the writers just wrote down what we said," she laughed. "For example, once we were talking about whether you 'like' someone, or whether you 'like like' someone, and sure enough, that popped up in our script a few weeks later!"

And McKellar popped up on Savage's new ABC sitcom, Working during ratings season. "I played a young woman that Fred's character has a one night stand with," she said. "The next day at work she walks in and says, 'Hi, Daddy!' to his boss!" It was speculated that ABC decided to renew the show because of that episode.

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