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Dakin Matthews

August 4, 1997

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Talk about coincidences. Actor Dakin Matthews, who plays Bishop Jerome on ABC's new comedy Soul Man, has a degree in theology and studied at the Vatican. Although many of his friends are bishops now, he hasn't received their opinions on the new television show - as of yet.

His opinion? "It's about a single parent (Dan Aykroid ) raising his children , so it has family values," explains Matthews. "But this single parent is also a minister, and he's trying to live down some things in his past, so the show has a moral dimension, yet it's also a comedy."

According to Matthews, Dan Aykroyd who portrays Reverend Michael Weber,is very professional, and, surprisingly, very shy. "He reads a lot, and he's pretty quiet," said Matthews.

Speaking of reading, Matthews, a former teacher, encourages education before everything else. "My advice to young aspiring actors is to go to college and major in something other than drama, before pursuing it as a career," he stated. "My youngest son is seventeen, and he's interested in becoming an actor so my advice is kind of going out the window!" he added,laughing. "He's even applying to some acting schools right now ."

Presently Matthews is working in Florida on an HBO series. "It's a series about the space program, and the Apollo 13 mission where Tom Hanks is in charge. But it's much more in depth than the Apollo 13 movie - and there are about twenty episodes," Matthews quickly described the series.

Having begun his acting career in theatre, Matthews still does many plays. "Careerwise, one of the most important things to me is keeping up my theatre work," stated Matthews, "I write and translate plays, as well as act in them, and I prefer live theatre to TV or movies," he continued, " because plays tend to have more well-developed characters, and sometimes more plot, and less special effects." However, Matthews is still very proud of his work on "Soul Man", and the few episodes that have aired have done exceptionally well, so check it out sometime on ABC, and watch Bishop Jerome disapprove of the things Dan Aykroid does.

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