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Jason Marsden

October 13, 1997

Even television stars like Jason Marsden , the 22-year-old actor who portrays Rich Halke on CBS' Step by Step, aren't immune to pet problems. During our conversation, he had to put me on hold to prevent his cat from having an "accident" on the carpet, and then we discussed how annoying kitty's "surprises" are.

When he isn't busy with his two cats, Aladdin and Jasmine, he's busy acting, and it's been that way since he was ten. "A lot of people ask how I made the transition from child actor to adult actor and I really don't know how to answer," Marsden laughed. "I never really noticed any 'transition.' I was having too much fun with my work."

However, Marsden admits that it wasn't all fun and games. "I got teased a lot in school," he said. "After all, I played Eddie Munster in 'The Munster's Today.' In school, that was the equivalent of having 'Tease Me' stamped on my forehead," he continued with a laugh, "but I never really minded because I figured if kids knew I was on the show, then they must watch it, and if they watched it, they must like it."

After portraying Eddie Munster, Marsden went on to become a series regular on "Almost Home", "Tom", and "Eerie, Indiana".

Naturally, Marsden expanded his career into feature films, and has just finished filming Trojan War, a romantic comedy where he has the leading role opposite Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt. (You might remember Marsden as Shay in the film White Squall, and as Buddy Young, Jr. In Mr. Saturday Night. )

On television, Marsden is concentrating mainly on Step by Step, the comedy about step - brothers and sisters learning to adjust to each other. "We've got some great episodes coming up," he revealed. "There's a Halloween special where Rich and his girlfriend Dana (Stacy Keanan) dress up as 'Lucy and Desi.' Then there's an episode where Dana thinks Rich is cheating on her because he keeps breaking dates, when he's really planning something special for her. At the end of that, we do a dance number together, which was really fun."

As far as major plot lines go on Step by Step, most of the episodes will involve Frank (Patrick Duffy) working on his recently purchased boat. It's likely that the season finale will be filmed on the open sea.

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