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Nicole Lyn

June 1, 1998

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Student Bodies the exciting new teen sitcom that combines live action with animation interested me enough that not only did I speak with Jamie Elman, but later Nicole Lyn.

Nicole Lyn is Cody's new girlfriend, Emily on Student Bodies. Her impression of Emily: "Emily is extremely bright. She knows what she wants out of life - she has a plan for the future. But it seems the one thing that scares her the most is her relationship with Cody. It's new to her; it's the one thing she doesn't already have mapped out."

In the future, Lyn would like to see Emily change. "I'd like her to develop more interests outside of school and the school paper," she mused. "Something that she could be really passionate about."

Lyn , who is Elman's good friend in real life talked about Cody and Emily's relationship. "Cody and Jamie Elman are similar in many ways, and so are Emily and myself. Cody seems not to know what he really wants - he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He likes having a secure relationship with Emily, but at the same time he wants to be the single guy, to have his own opinions. And Emily is very strong-minded too- in that way I'm a lot like her. So I have to look for a boyfriend who's a little more willing to compromise, to meet me in the middle." (After speaking with both Elman and Lyn, I got the impression -mind you this is only speculation on my part- that Elman and Lyn might just be an item off the set.)

Since Lyn and Elman share so much time together on Student Bodies, they share similar opinions about the show, and Lyn shares his opinion regarding the animation on the show. She doesn't think there should be any compromise on whether there should be more or less animation. "I think the amount of animation in the show is perfect," she stated. "On TV, you can't always explain in detail what a character is feeling - and the animation gives you a great impression of Cody's feelings, but there isn't so much of it that it distracts you from the rest of the show."

Student Bodies is so entertaining that it would probably be hard for anything else to distract you while watching an episode. But, be sure to check out Student Bodies web site to catch up on the show, if you miss an episode.

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