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Letters to the Editor

The letters are arranged in reverse date order, newest first.

October 29, 1999

Wow. I just want to tell you that I read The Hall of Flame and it was hilarious! To think that people get so worked up about movie reviews. We're all entitled to our own opinions afterall. Those type of people that write that stuff just prove how crude and close-minded people can get when someone doesn't agree with them! Just thought I'd respond with something positive to you...


October 29, 1999

Like you, I am a BIG film buff. I also love to read your reviews! I find them very insightful and enjoyable to read.

Although sometimes I do not agree with your opinions, I think you are a very talented writer and reviewer.

The only thing that irk's me about your GREAT REVIEW SITE is your Hall of Flame. I never thought that people would actually stoop themselves down to being such degenerate, superficial assholes. I mean, lord, e-mailing someone about how much of a "loser" they are is a little bit immature and frankly, it makes them the ones that are losers.

Keep up the EXCELLENT work and don't let any of these superficial jerks bother you!!

Keep on Truckin',
Joshuah Narreau

P.S: You are not a "loser"! You're COOL!!!

June 28, 1999

I read your Hall of Flame letters and I could not stop laughing. I thought you had your best taste in mind to post those insulting comments. You just can't believe how low some people can be. I happen to like some of your reviews (not all of them, but we all do have different opinions).

February 1, 1998

Did you really work with ABC -TV and all that stuff? That's pretty cool! I read your review on Home Alone 3 and I totally agree, even though I haven't seen the movie (and I don't want to). I can totally relate to what you are saying; I have a good idea that the movie is supposed to be about, and I'm glad that I didn't go and see it!

The other reason I am writing is because I am 13 years old too, and I am also a female in the 8th grade. I am from Washington state.


January 29, 1998

I read your movie review of the film Bean, and, although I respect your interpretation of it, I would have to say that mine was quite different.

The movie Bean relies heavily on sight gags, or slapstick, material, to move the movie along. The plot of this movie is merely a vehicle for Mr. Bean to act inane and do his shtick.

However, I believe that Bean deserves two and a half, or possibly even three stars. Why, you ask? Because the slapstick gags that Rowan Atkinson performs are simply the most intelligent I've ever seen, except for the Three Stooges, and, maybe, Jim Carrey on his best day.

You state that Bean's turkey fiasco and his destruction of Whistler's Mother are two very low points of the film. Bean is a film that aims to get at your squeamish side...make you laugh at just how incredibly dumb Mr. Bean really is. But that is the genius of the film -it's ability to make you feel that feeling. If Bean had simply destroyed Whistler's Mother, I could side with your opinion. But I believe the manner in which it was destroyed was the reason why Bean was able to succeed in making a light hearted, clean comedy. You state that the scene where Bean is toying with a razor as something dangerous for children - the violence on the Simpsons, Ace Ventura Movies, and even the Three Stooges seem much worse to children than this. There no sexual jokes, like in Ace Ventura, and there was no foul language.

Drew Buser

January 29, 1998

Stop being so hypocritical! You seem to contradict your views on movies with every review! An example: You give Bean one star, saying it "causes brain damage". I also didn't think the movie was good, but the reason it wasn't as good as the shows (which I can tell you don't watch judging by your review) was because the Executives of the movie wanted to "dumb it down" for us Americans. Insulting, eh? Anyway, while you give Bean one star, you give Mr. Magoo 3! Now isn't that quite contradictory?

They both use the same type of humor; I enjoyed Bean more simply because it wasn't the same premise over and over, which in Mr. Magoo is "I'm near-sighted, and so I bumble around". This may work in a 3 minute cartoon show, but in a 90 minute movie it's just repetitive. I love Leslie Nielson's work, and think he is a very talented actor, but I think this movie was TOO boring, making even my 3 year old brother yawn and state "Why does he always fall down?" I asked myself the question every single time he did something stupid and unoriginal.

The special effects in Starship Troopers were not lame, they were VERY good, knocking the likes of Lost World and all the other big budget movies off their high rockers. Oh well, just my (and the millions of other people who saw it) opinion.

Steven Wolf

January 24, 1998

Hi Vivian, no I'm not John Cusack but I'm a big fan of yours. I use to talk to Roger under my old screen name DENIRO1FAN. We use to play this game where we would name two actors in a movie together, and I would love to play it with you. By the way my name is Jon. Here we go:


January 24, 1998

I'm not usually one to comment about other people's web pages (especially since the letters I get about my own tend to come from seriously weird people) but I really couldn't keep myself from commenting on your page.

First off, I'm glad to see you keeping on the tradition of the first Teen Movie Critic in that you've got a seemingly inexhaustible list of movies you've reviewed (or possibly will review in the future).

However, I should point out that I also hope you will also become more knowledgeable about the contexts of the plots and the backgrounds of the actors of the movies you review in the future. From the reviews I've read already (I had some catching up to do and I was curious to see what you thought of the slew of great and not-so-great movies that have been out in the past 6 months), I take it that, like me, you don't really go for (and sometimes can't stand) mindless action flicks and sci-fi movies (if they don't have reasonable plots and aren't funny). But I do differ with you in my appreciation of the role of history in film -- whether it's a historical romance (like Titanic) or a literary adaptation of one (like The English Patient, or a movie merely set in a historical time such as L.A. Confidential or Amistad.

I've actually never been much of a fan of history as a subject--I've often found it rather dry and dull, although I have been blessed with great teachers since the 7th grade (I'm a Junior in college now). But I have to say I haven't taken one history class since I went to college.

What I would like to point out to you, however, is that in spite of the dullness of material, knowledge of history is a crucial ingredient in film appreciation. If you don't know that a film is based on an actual occurrence--or is a parody of one (like many of the Monty Python movies) which is meant to make fun of said event--you may be missing half of the point of the film, unfortunately. If you're not even slightly familiar with the old 40's crime drama genre, you might not fully appreciate movies like L.A. Confidential, which return a particular style of movie long thought dead to the screen. And if you don't know that a certain movie is actually a film adaptation of a musical or a book, you may miss out on a crucial element of criticism, which is whether that adaptation stays true to the original story. Please understand that I am not accusing you of all of these things, but I have noticed a tendency in your reviews to somehow rate movies which require historical and background knowledge somewhat too lowly for what I (and I'm sure many other people, judging from Oscar and the recent Golden Globes Awards) feel they deserve.

Some examples (I'm just pointing out what I remember -- I didn't start going through your site to nitpick, so don't get the wrong idea :) are:
Grease was a musical which was a huge Broadway hit in the 1970's, and took advantage of the '70's fascination with the 1950's, much like the show Happy Days. Both of these decades, in fashion, mentality and music, were drastically different from the 1960's which is the date given to the story in your review.

I can't give any more specific inaccuracies related to what I've been saying (although I should point out that Terri Hatcher was in Lois & Clark, not the X-Files, as stated in your recent Bond review. In general, I'd like to commend you on the work I've seen so far -- for someone who started reviewing movies at age 9, you're certainly doing a great job for a 13-year-old. (Ugh. I just realized I sound like some old fogey. I'm really not that old. I'm only 20, but I think I'm beginning to sound like, I don't know, my parents, perhaps? AAAAHHHHH! :)

I guess the purpose of this letter (which has gotten shockingly long--sorry!) is to tell you that I hope that you'll be more careful in the future about checking out the contexts of the films you review, and that you'll make use of the history classes you'll be bound to take for the next few years (or at least until you go to college, at any rate :) to aid your already large appreciation for good movies. If this letter even gets you to start liking historically set movies, then I guess like Jack said in As Good as it Gets, "I overshot a little". In any case, I'll be looking forward to your review of Amistad.

Yael Oppenheim

January 14, 1998

While I was quite impressed with your realistic views on the movie, I was a little disappointed in the fact that a 13 year old might be watching this type of film and then reviewing it. I would like to think that at 13 a girl might be gossiping on the phone with her girlfriends not writing about a movie where the main character is a prostitute. Also, the next time that you watch the movie you might realize that Richard Gere did not stop to pick her up, he was trying to figure out the gears and was asking for directions. She got into the car. It was not until they got to Beverly Hills that he asked her to come in. I appreciate the fact that you are doing this as a job and probably love it, but don't forget that you are a child. Enjoy your childhood and enjoy Disney like film endings...you have plenty of time later in life for other types of endings.


January 4, 1998

I am extremely impressed with some of your reviews. It is nice to know that there is someone who actually cares that teens have a different perspective of seeing movies than adults do. I read about you in the latest edition of "Scope" magazine, in my 7th grade English class. It picked up my attention right away, for I love movies, however, I don't like to waste my time watching one that I don't like. With your Website, I can see what you have to say about it, and than I can choose which film I want to see. You are obviously very talented for your age. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement!

Katie Thoresen

December 6, 1997

I've just finished reading a few of your reviews and i feel compelled to comment, and in most cases compliment.

THANK YOU for your review of Son-in-Law....quite possible the only Pauly Shore movie worth watching (for the record, I consider Encino Man a Brendan Fraiser movie). After reading your review i have to go and rent it again (since it has been about 4 years since i last saw it...i almost forgot that it existed).

Considering all the flak that Pauly Shore has been getting (or has gotten) it's nice to know we can always return to Son in Law and see what might have been.

You're right Spawn was total crap...in fact if I could find my original review i sent to a friend you'd see how pissed I was, especially as a fan of the comic. Here's the problem though...maybe the movie wasn't exactly clear but your interpretation of the plot "Spawn is about a Satanic cult headed by a short, fat, bald guy with a painted face. So, the superhero named Spawn arrives - to save the world from the Satanists." is wrong. I guess the whole 8 levels of hell thing and the Malebolgia is too much to go into now, but I don't thing "Satanic cult" is really the word to use.

Finally not to be persnickety or anything, and sorry if I am....but with your Mortal Kombat review....it's Mortal Kombat: Anihilation (I know it's retarded...why don't they just call it Mortal Kombat 2? The first one was Mortal Kombat.


Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. I think Pauly Shore is a great comedic actor-brilliant even - although some of his movies lack good scripting. As for Spawn, well, if I got something wrong in the review, it's because the movie was so confusing.

November 25, 1997

I am writing this letter to you to show you your faulty criticism of mainly the movie Starship Troopers. Don't get an ego thing and think I am attacking your whole person, that is not the case. I just feel you have insulted one of my favorite movies.

Firstly, I doubt you came to this movie unbiased. Infact I am almost sure of it. I quote, "it was so predictable, I saw the end coming almost BEFORE THE MOVIE BEGAN."

About the "unoriginal scripting", unless you didn't know, this was a book written by Robert Heinlein, a great sci-fi writer from way back. He wrote this book a few decades ago, and the screenwriters kept close to the story, basically editing out large speeches that Heinlein often writes to keep the movie at a reasonable time, which means that at the time when this was written those were original lines, not to mention "Don't die on me," is a realistic thing to say without giving a crap about what other movies have done. And what did you expect them to say instead of, "It sucked it's brains out," I have no idea personally. I was trying to think of something that would make fun of your ignorant criticism, I couldn't even do that!

Why is it incoherent? Probably because you didn't pay attention to the movie in the first place! Oh yea, it didn't have plot, I'm sure the screenwriters when they first saw the movie said, "I knew we forgot something!" Actually if it had no plot, there would technically be no movie, huh?

They weren't college students either, they were high school students, lured into the military by government propaganda, Propaganda that was a major part of the whole movie. I don't if you have gotten any farther than plot in English class, maybe if you ask your teacher what a satire is and then go rent or read animal farm by George Orwell you will see another part of this movie. Its satirical properties, such as: Propaganda comercials, want to know more? (get a book on WWII) "I'm doing my part are you?" That is totally United States propaganda, not to mention all the soldiers lined up in rows and columns (ever seen films of German parades in front of Hitler?), look at the uniforms of Intelligence officers, they look like totally High up SS officers (again get a book on WWII, and not your history book, you obviously have been brainwashed enough).

The romances you talked about happening happened well before the characters military livs began. On to the part of the movie that angered me the most. I'm not as angry at your missing the subtle points of the movie (subtle being a very large understatement), I expected that. I was perturbed by your ignorant comment about the effects. the effects were damn near beautiful. I believe the best I have ever seen in a movie. It makes me wonder what you want?

To end this I will try to help instruct you on how to better analyze a movie. Take a look at the first scene (I'm assuming your ad-inhibited mind payed attention that far, at least I hope so!): What did the correspondent sound like to you? A sportscaster? Good answer! Then what happened? He realized this was for real, illustrating man's tendency to not realize what he has gotten himself into till he's there. Then even after the reporter was disemboweled and he was warned the cameraman kept filming ultimately costing his life, symbolizing how in our society how much people want a good story. Then the person screaming into the lens at the end basically told you that this is a very brutal movie.

Actually, that is the best way to describe everything in this movie, "brutal," the violence, the sex, the society, the media, the themes, and most definately the people (this brutality you probably took as bad acting). I believe you were turned off by this movie's brutality.

I would give your critique a 1 star rating (which I must say is a bad system because of its narrowness, but then again you're not a stranger to narrowness!)


Vivian Rose replies:

I appreciate you taking the time to write me such a detailed and interesting letter. I apologize for not replying sooner - I was busy with Thanksgiving and all.

I didn't come to the movie biassed. When I said I could see the ending almost before the movie began, I was being sarcastic, just trying to point out how obvious the movie was.

You are right about the propaganda, etc. The movie was realistic enough in that respect. However, I cannot accept the premise that there are huge bugs living on another planet which we will discover sometime in the future. You can't say that THAT was realistic.

I understand that a lot of hard work was put into the special effects, and maybe I should have given the movie more credit for that. I just don't like movies that try to rely to heavily on special effects, and have no plot or good acting.

November 29, 1997

I recently saw Bean also And I thought it was a great movie in the grand tradition of the silent era masters Chaplin and Buster Keaton and of course that great comedian, Peter Sellers. Indeed in many ways Rowan Atkinson has gone beyond that into a new style in the post modern era of comedic filmaking. Whereas Sellers felt the need to talk, the humor of Bean is totally physical.

And yet I know that Rowan Atkinson's vocal chords are a great comedic asset. He was absolutely wonderful in the modern masterpiece The Tall Guy with Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson where playing a snobish actor he was absolutely fabulous in the vein of the great comedians.

Brad Major

Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing with your opinion. I didn't say that Rowan Atkinson wasn't a good actor or comedian, I just said I didn't like this particular movie. I just couldn't take the tongue-shaving is all. I liked Atkinson in Three Weddings and a Funeral. I haven't seen any of his other movies.

November 23, 1997

First off, let me say that I really enjoy your web site. You have a very keen eye and extremely interesting perspectives when it comes to movies.

Recently I decided to rent all three of the Alien Trilogy, like you, to prepare myself for the new fourth film. I have to say that I agree with you that the first film was definitely the best. However, I believe that the third film was just as good as (if not better) than second one. David Fincher's portrayal of the dismal world "Fury 161" was great. Although the characters were not as well developed as in the second film, the faceless, nameless convicts helped reinforce the bleakness of the plot. No face. No name. No hope.

I felt that the script was better than the second, and more like the first, because it didn't contain as much "Hollywood lines", or "one liner puns" as the second. Anyway, that's my two cents; from one movie lover to another.

Keep up the great work

Vivian Rose replies:

I appreciate your opinion. I just didn't like the fact that she died in the end of the third one. It ruined the whole point, and it was so obviously because they didn't want any more movies (but they found a way around that anyway, thank God!). Let me know what you think of Alien: Resurrection.

November 23, 1997

Hello. I was just looking through your movie paragraghs and just wanted to say that your ratings are not very good. I could name many people who enjoyed those movies. Of course I don't agree with your ratings or else I wouldn't be writing this. I personally enjoyed some of those movies. Anyways, I guess since you don't like my taste of movies, than I'd probably boo at your taste of movies. By the way, when I watched George of the Jungle in the theatres, I could here laughs throughout the whole movie. And trust me, they WEREN'T FORCED. Just expressing my opinion.


Vivian Rose replies:

I appreciate your opinion, and that you didn't cuss me out like some people do to get their point across. Anyway, not everyone is going to agree on movies. The reviews are simply my opinion. I also give my reasons for liking or disliking a movie, so other people can tell if they might like it.

November 8, 1997

I enjoy reading your movie reviews even if I do not agree with all of them, but anyway...I think you should know that Alicia Silverstone is in Batman and Robin not Batman Forever. In your Excess Baggage review you said she was in Batman Forever and I think you should be aware of your error so you can correct it. I would not want a movie critic to get confused with her movies. Also two questions :

  1. Just how many movies have you seen?
  2. How did you get into reviewing these movies for a web site at the age of 13?

Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for pointing it out. I'll make the change. I'm not sure how many movies I've seen - hundreds. I was writing for papers since I was nine and when I heard Roger was retiring I thought I could take his place.

November 8, 1997

Hi I'm 9 and I think you're so cool.I think interviewing is cool. I have a club and I write newsletters online. Soon I'll do Interveiws. Can I put you on my buddylist? I really want to talk to you. Tell me some people you interviewed.


Vivian Rose replies:

Sure, but me on your buddylist. Well, let's see I've interviewed Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Kristi Yamaguchi, Jay Leno, and I just interviewed Ekaterina Gordeeva.

November 3, 1997

You are a great writer! Have you seen Harriett the Spy? Could you write about it? If you do, I will be very happy! :)


Vivian Rose replies:

I am so glad to hear from you - I receive much hate mail, mostly about unfavorable reviews. I've seen "Harriet the Spy", but it was a while ago. Maybe I'll review it in the future. Rrecently, I interivewed Michelle Trachtenberg, who stars in it.

November 2, 1997

Hey, you know that black guy from Money Talks? He was in The Fifth Element! I hope you get to watch the rest of The Pest. Here is a list of my fave movies (and what Siskel & Ebert gave them):

What are your faves?

Adam Hakari

Vivian Rose replies:

I didn't like The Fifth Element much, but I thought Chris Tucker - from Money Talks - was funny in it. My favorite movies are Grease, Evita, Wishmaster, Scream, G.I. Jane, and Men in Black. I wanted to rent Austin Powers but all the copies were already gone so I'll try to get it next week.

November 2, 1997

I thought that your review on Excess Baggage was great. You are a terrific reporter. I hope that You keep up the good work up. I love reading your articles. THey keep me awake more Than Air Bud. PLeaase E-Mail me if you get a chance. I like your articles too because you are one of my peers and you know what kids our age like. Please E-Mail me and tell me how you got your start.

Seth Kaplan- Age 13

Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. It's nice to hear from someone who isn't criticizing me! I get alot of hate mail, especially when I write unfavorable reviews. I started writing for a local paper when I was nine. I was writing all these magazines and getting all these rejection slips and my dad offered to take some stuff I'd written to the paper. They started printing me and I started doing reviews and interviews.

November 2, 1997

Could you send me a copy and picture of the interview of JTT?


Vivian Rose replies:

I may be updating the JTT interview and putting it up on the site. I'm not sure if I still have a picture or not. Who are some of your other fave celebs? Anyone you think I should interview? I've been trying to get a second interview with JTT forever!

November 2, 1997

I thought that your review on Excess Baggage was great. You are a terrific reporter. I hope that you keep up the good work. I love reading your articles. They keep me awake more than Air Bud.

I like your articles because you are one of my peers and you Know what kids our age like. Please email me and tell me how you got your start.

Seth Kaplan- Age 13

Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. It's nice to hear from someone who isn't criticizing me! I get a lot of hate mail, especially when I write unfavorable reviews. I started writing for a local paper when I was nine. I was writing all these magazines and getting all these rejection slips and my dad offered to take some stuff I'd written to the local newspaper. They started printing me and I started doing reviews and interviews. One thing lead to another.

November 1, 1997

How long have you been interviewing superteens?

Can you give me Andrews fan mail address, please?

I've tried to send him lots of letters, but I have not gotten a reply. It has been almost a year since I sent a letter.

Jennifer Thomas. (Andrew Keegans biggest fan!)

Vivian Rose replies:

I don't have his fan mail or email address but I'll try to get a hold of it for you. I get more letters about him - he has about a thousand "biggest fans"! It's too bad you didn't get a reply. Some stars are just too busy to answer their own mail, but most do. Thanks for writing, write anytime.

November 1, 1997

How old were you when you first started interviewing people? How did you get started? How old are you ? Will you send us some names of people you have interviewed?

Goergia & Danyl

Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. Although I started sending off stories when I was about 7, it took until I was nine years old to get published by a very small local newspaper near my home. After that, more newspapers printed my articles - especially celebrity interviews. It was just a cumulative thing - first one, then another.

At the same time, I had a program on local radio; then later a kid-type segment during the local television news on Saturday evenings. I've learned that some things are more fun than others - but the experience is terrific. Presently, I'm with another local television station, and do movie reviews with an adult anchor. That's fun.

I have lost publications along the way; gained some things and lost others. It's never easy, but I keep trying mainly because I love to write, and talk on the air.

I've interviewed over 250 celebrities , but the ones I enjoyed the most were Kristi Yamaguchi, Jay Leno, Billy Ray Cyrus, Andrew Keegan, and JTT.

I'll be talking to Ekaterina Gordeeva, the ice skater, on Monday morning.

November 1, 1997

You are so cool. Do your friends pester you a lot about knowing Andrew Keegan?


Vivian Rose replies:

I don't exactly know him. I talked to him once. And yeah, I do have this friend who pesters me at times. She begged and pleaded to listen in on my interview with JTT. I couldn't let her even though she really bugged me. She'd do anything to talk to him or Keegan.

October 31, 1997

Hey Vivian; that's cool! I am 13 and just saw some Andrew Keegan stuff you wrote. That's a cool hobby you've got; keep it up!


Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. I may put up my interview with JTT in a few weeks. It was done a couple years ago but I'll try to update it. I'll be talking to Rachel L. Cook this week.

October 31, 1997

I disagree with the George of the Jungle review you gave. I thought George of the Jungle was very entertaining for young audiences.

Vivian Rose replies:

I also thought it was entertaining for young audiences, and said so in my review. It just wasn't entertaining to me. I was bored out of my skull but I'm sure little kids loved it - I got much mail to this effect. Thanks for writing.

October 31, 1997

I think what you wrote about Leave it to Beaver was really poor! People work really hard to make movies and when they see your reviews, I can only imagine what they think. You don't have to be so rude.

I would love to do your job. I love to write. You are really lucky. Don't be so mean. I am thirteen, too. My favorite thing to do is act and write. Well, I'm going to go. No hard feeling.


Vivian Rose replies:

Sorry if you thought I was rude. I did mention that it was a good family movie. However, I had to sit through two hours of the most boring movie I ever saw, so I guess I was a little cranky when I came out. Most teenagers won't appreciate this movie either, so I really don't want them to waste their money.

I tried to be objective about Leave it to Beaver but I just didn't like it, and I'm too honest to pretend that I did.

October 31, 1997

Hey, I'm just writing to say I love your site...

Even though I often disagree with your review, it's nice to read movie critiques from someone closer to my own age. Keep up the great work.

I found a minor mistake in one of your reviews You wrote: "Aurora Greenley (Shirley MacLaine), a fifty-ish widow whose only daughter Emma (Debra Winger) has recently married a jerk (Gerard DePardeau) - in her mother's opinion - has an affair with her rich and famous former astronaut neighbor. "

In Terms of Endearment Emma's husband is played by Jeff Daniels.


Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. And you were right about Jeff Daniels. It will be corrected.

October 30, 1997

Hi. My name is Mike. I'm very amazed at your accomplishments. I'd like to do e-mail with you and talk a little. I'm 15.

Vivian Rose replies:

Hi. Where are you from? What grade are you in? What site did you read this on? What do you want to talk about? I get a lot of mail but I appreciate you writing and I try to answer it. I can't always.

October 29, 1997

I've read the text about Andrew Keegan and I think you did a great job!

I want to know more about Andrew. I think he`s a great actor and I love to see him in films.

I wonder if you could give me his e-mail address.I can`t find it here on the Internet.



Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing. I don't have Keegan's address but I get a lot of requests for it and I'll try to find it if I can. I get more letters about him! He has a web page.

October 29, 1997

If you can, tell Janeane Garofalo that I loved her in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, loved her in her HBO comedy hour, and can't wait to see her in "The Matchmaker". Bye!

Adam J. Hakari

Vivian Rose replies:

I only talked to her once but I'm glad you read my article and thought to write. I loved The Truth About Cats and Dogs too. "Matchmaker" is coming out soon and it looks funny.

October 24, 1997

Why do you have to be so mean when it comes to writing these reviews? I understand that you are writing your opinion, but you obviously haven't thought about the hard work that people put into them. The next time you see a movie look at it that way, and we'll see what your opinion is. By the way, is there a movie you do like? Looking at your reviews I wouldn't think so.


Vivian Rose replies:

There are many movies I like. That's what four star ratings are for.

Check out my reviews of the Alien movies, all Jim Carrey movies, and many others. I certainly don't hate them all, and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the making of a movie. You must have just happened to read only the ones I bashed.

September 22, 1997

Hi! I am 13 and cool.


Vivian Rose replies:

Hi. What makes you think you're cool? Did everyone at your school vote on it or something? Does everyone you talk to think that? You certainly don't seem to have an, er, self-esteem problem.

October 19, 1997

Hi I saw your site on Mimi.

I am planning on being Mimi for Halloween. I have only seen the show once, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what I should wear/ act or whatever. I am not sure if you are someone I should be asking these questions to, but I thought I would try.



Vivian Rose replies:

I don't watch the show much either, so I'm not a Mimi expert, but I'd be glad to try. Just find something gaudy, wear tons of overstated bright blue eye shadow, and act totally obnoxious. And if you're not big, you can make yourself look that way by stuffing pillows under your clothes.

October 18, 1997

You apparently failed to realize that George of the Jungle is based on a CARTOON and is in no way trying to base itself in reality.

You my dear, and your opinion, are a very small minority, being as how this movie has made more that 100 million dollars.

Maybe when you grow up you will be able to appreciate the nuance of a film, and disregard it's premise.

Vivian Rose replies:

I know it's not trying to base itself on reality, but movies that have at least some hint of reality are more appealing than totally ridiculous movie messes. And I'm just speaking for myself, not anyone else. I realize that I am in the minority here, but that doesn't mean everyone else is right.

It's my opinion. None of my friends liked it either, and I'm writing for teenagers, who have enough intelligence not to like it, but aren't old enough to like it the way parents do - because it's "cute". And I did mention that it was a good family movie - I'd just rather it was a good movie, period.

October 16, 1997

I read the interview that you had with R.L. Stine. I liked your article because I like Goosebumps too. My favorite episode of the Goosebumps TV shows are the one about the mask and the mud monster. Which is your favorite? How can I get a job reviewing books and stuff for Cyberkids.

I'll do it for free and I live in Australia.

From Billie and Peter

Vivian Rose replies:

Websites generally look for people with a lot of writing experience to write for them.

They also want people who have celebrity contacts, which isn't as easy as it looks - you have to call the publicists, some of whom are downright rude to you. You could be put on hold a long time. Set up interviews sometimes fall through at the last minute, etc.

Although I enjoyed talking to R.L. Stine, I've sort of outgrown the Goosebumps TV shows, and his books. These days I prefer Stephen King, John Saul, Anne Rice, and John Grisham - the masters.

October 14, 1997

I saw your R.L. Stine interview and I thought it was AWESOME!! How did you get an interview with him?

Dave Johnson

Vivian Rose replies:

I'm glad you liked the Stine interview. To get the interview I had to call his publicist and more or less beg for the interview. (I'd interviewed Christopher Pike before, and she liked the review, so she was somewhat amiable towards me.) Getting interviews is never easy, believe me.

Have you been down to Disneyworld to see his park yet?

October 12, 1997

I'm a regular visitor to this site, and have been for about two and a half years now. I just want to wish you the best of luck with this page.

Roger's boots are big one's to fill, and you seem to be doing quite well with it! However, I was a little surprised with your review of The Client allow me to explain.

The first thing that irked me was your comment about Brad Renfro not being as cute as the teen magazines said he was. Now, you seem to be a very intelligent person, and this shallow remark seemed a bit out of character. The reason he wasn't 'cute' was because he was a bit scruffy looking and dirty, which, by the way, was the idea. He was poor and didn't really care much about his appearance when his life was being threatened. If perhaps you'd watched his acting rather than his body, you'd realize that he's an extremely talented individual, particularly in this film. I personally thought he should have got top billing in the movie, but of course he wasn't a name yet. If you still aren't sure of Renfro's 'star quality', try watching Sleepers.

Second, I'm guessing you've read the book, and I'm also guessing that you read it before watching the movie. This might explain your dislike of the movie, because I too have tried reading a book first and then being annoyed with the movie version (ie: Lost World, Congo). However, I think this adaptation was quite well done. The only thing I didn't really agree with was the casting of Susan Sarandon. The woman in the book seemed almost like a grandmother figure, and Sarandon wasn't quite right, even though she too did a great job. Although I was disappointed by The Chamber, I thought this was classic Grisham.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. It was gripping, emotional and realistic, with some truly incredible acting (especially by Renfro). I just wanted to mention this, and maybe hear what you have to say since your review seemed quite short and without any good validation of your opinion. I hope that I don't sound too argumentative, I'm truly curious about it. Please write soon...

Jodie Gauthier

Vivian Rose replies:

You do have a point - Renfro's acting was excellent. And, I did enjoy the book a lot more than the movie. Did you know they're making The Rainmaker into a movie as well? I'm really looking forward to that.

And I usually pay close attention to the acting while reviewing a movie; perhaps in this case, I should have watched Renfro more carefully.

October 8, 1997

Here is Pensacola, FL. I did not see Terms of Endearment. Mom did - she did not like it. Did you receive a lot of "bad" words about your review of George of the Jungle? What grade are you in? What do you like to do? I am in the 6th grade, and I like to play basketball and I am in the band (I play trumpet).----Jon

Vivian Rose replies:

If your mom didn't like it she must have good taste. It was slow and boring.

And yes, I received quite a lot of bad mail about my George of the Jungle review.

It tied with Good Burger for highest amount of hate mail. I didn't think anyone agreed with me!

I am in the ninth grade and I've never played basketball except in a pool with one of those pool nets. I couldn't even make a basket from two feet underneath!

October 8, 1997

Hi, I loved reading your web page. My name is David. I hated reading until my freshman year in high school when I picked up a Fear Street book. I read a book a weekend because I loved him so much. I now love to read. I haven't read any of his books lately. I do love reading them though. How many of his books have you read? I would love to get an email back from you. What is your favorite book from him?

You did a great job on the web page. I really enjoyed reading your web page on Stine. My piano teacher is supposed to take me to Disney World this Christmas. I love her and her husband. They took me last year also. I'll try and make sure I see this feature of Rob's. I can't wait to hear from you. Please write me back!



Vivian Rose replies:

I'm glad you like my web page. Which site did you see it on?

It sounds like you're going to see Stine's new part of the park down at Disneyworld. Let me know how it is. I used to read all his books, but got a little tired of them after a while-the plots were all very similiar. Now I have graduated to reading Stephen King, John Saul, John Grisham, Anne Rice...all the guys who really know what they're doing. Anyway, I'd glad Stine got you interested in reading. I've had my nose in a book for as long as I can remember. You should really try some other authors, because there are many good ones out there.

Let me know what his (Stine's) horror park is like, and ride The Tower of Terror a couple times for me.

October 7, 1997

Hey Vivian. What an incredible review you wrote. Your writing is excellent, and you'll only get better. The movie made me really pissed off at how women are treated in this world. Sometimes, comments or gestures are made, and taken with a grain of salt. Other times, comments are made that people don't even realize are discriminating to women. I had to see the movie for my class, Women In Literature. I wouldn't have seen the movie in the theater, had I not taken the class. Yet after seeing it, I was glad I did.

Thanks for doing the review, sister!

Justine Gaster, college student, 21 years old.

Vivian Rose replies:

Yeah, unfortunately sexism still seems to exist. What I liked about G.I. Jane is that it wasn't just another male action hero kicking someone's butt while his love interest flails her arms and acts helpless. It was funny how her boyfriend was kind of like that - she was getting all that attention and no one noticed him. G.I. Jane is still in theaters, and I hope to see it again before it leaves.

October 3, 1997

I am shocked at the review you gave the movie Men in Black. In your column in The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, you said that it was racist, sexually biased and "totally" idiotic. If you would have watched it more closely, you'd of seen that at the main headquarters there were many women employees. And, on the back of the card that Mr. Jones gave him (Will Smith), you would have seen that the card was also inscribed with the logo "WIB". This review was elementary and childish; it was like a little child (you) was just trying to get more attention and letting it go to your head. If you are going to write about something either being racist, sexist or in any way prejudiced against something, learn about it and DO YOUR HOMEWORK, if that means watching a movie twice or reading a book over, it might even improve the column that so many pre-teens and children read. I have also noticed that you have not published any kind of criticism of your article in it. I would love for you to publish this letter in your column. Not only would it boost readers, it would send a message that you are human and can accept the fact you messed up.

Thank You,

Christina Holmes Vivian Rose replies:

Thank you for your letter. I didn't take an exact head count, but there were some women in there; it just looked like a lot more men to me. And you make it sound like I trashed the movie, which I didn't; I gave it a very favorable review.

Anyway, thanks for writing, and write again if you notice anything else.

October 1, 1997

I liked that movie George of the Jungle. I didn't like your review. My name is Jon and I am in the 6th grade in Pensacola, FL Vivian Rose replies:

Well, everyone entitled to his or her own opinion. Did you disagree with my review, or did you just not like what I wrote? Thanks for writing, write again anytime and let me know what you think of future reviews. By the way, how's the weather in Pensacola?

September 29, 1997

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect yours, I just want to make sure you took all these facts into account while rating Copland.

Sly was supposed to be that way, hung down face with a sad face; he was to be portrayed as a man past his prime, so his massive tummy and the characteristics listed above helped him play the part perfectly.

Thanks for listening!


Vivian Rose replies:

Thanks for writing with your opinion. They touted Copland as your typical Stallone action movie, not as a touching drama, so I just didn't get what I expected. And I did mention in my review that Stallone shows his acting talent here - I just didn't find it too interesting.

September 27, 1997

What's up? I just wanted to say I think you're doing a good job and I like the way you write. I'm a BIG fan of Leo DiCaprio, so when his new Movie Titantic comes out, please write good things about it. (I'll even help you if you need it,- I'm sure you won't - but just thought I'd mention it.)

I am going to look at your web page. Thanks for reading this.



Vivian Rose replies:

I love Leonardo DiCaprio too, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed in his performance in "Titanic". I have been most anxiously awaiting the "Titanic" movie since earlier this year. Of course, at this rate, by the time the "Titanic" comes out , I'll be too old to write the "Teen Movie Critic" column!

September 27, 1997

In my daughters opinion (she read your reviews not I) your reviews are biased. You only seem to like the girly, popular celebrity movies. Try and look at all the movies equally, realizing that someone your age would not go see a DISNEY movie but that doesn't make it a bad movie.

Thanks for your time.


Vivian Rose replies:

I did say that Disney movies are good for kids under ten or so. I try to look at it from a different angle, but some movies can get boring because I'm past the age they are generally targeted for. I liked them when I was younger and realize some people like them at all ages. Your daughter has a point , but I try to be objective in my reviews. By the way , how old is your daughter? She can write me, too.

September 26, 1997

Ideas for Movies to review (some of my personal favorities):

Good Burger
Barefoot In The Park
Valley Girl
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Vivian Rose replies:

Many thanks for your suggestions. I've already reviewed Good Burger and

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I'll try to check out the others on your list.

    I read your interview with Andrew Keegan. He is a cutie.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I'm glad you read the interview. Andrew Keegan is not only cute, but very nice. I really enjoyed talking with him - he didn't put on airs, etc., and volunteered information that I didn't ask for.

    Let me know what you think of my future articles.

    September 21, 1997

    Vivian Rose replies:

    I hadn't visited Cyberteens in a while but your G.I. Jane review was not too good, yet I totally agreed with your Spawn ratings. (If it's possible I hate it worse than you. Also, I don't think Free Willy 1, 2, or 3 should EVER have been made. It is nothing but fiction. So Willy is finally coming back for him? If a whale leaves it pod will not expect him back. FACT: if you release a tamed animal into the wild it will no longer know how to catch food and it will starve.

    Vivian Rose replies:

    You're right. Free Willy should never have been made. And you're absolutely correct that the pod won't accept a whale back after he leaves. And if a tamed animal goes back into the wild, it will probably die. Furthermore, I don't think it would recognize a human being quite like that either. It is right down there with Spawn.

    September 21, 1997

    You seem to have a great career ahead of you! If you ever need an assistant let me know! I wish you luck in the future and if you don't e-mail me back I will understand! Emily

    Vivian Rose replies:

    Thank you very much. I'm not at the point where I need an assistant yet, but I hope to get there soon. I don't know if I'm that awesome. I get a lot of hate mail too. But thanks for writing, and I'll keep you in mind if I ever need an asistant. Where do you live? What grade are you in?

    September 20, 1997

    Psycho is one of cinematography's most beloved films, everything about it was perfect!

    Hitchcock's set pieces were believable and chilling. As for Face/Off, I think it was believable (the government has a real live Men In Black, so I think they have something hidden away that could do something like that). G.I. Jane wasn't as believable; I don't think the other men in training would accept a woman as they did.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    Men in Black was such a good movie because it wasn't believable - at least I don't think so. I'm a skeptic; I found the movie amusing only because it was so ridiculous. In GI Jane the men probably wouldn't have accepted her , but she would have gotten all the slack she got in the beginning of the movie. And it was a really profound movie.

    September 20, 1997

    I am your #1 fan. I love you.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I really appreciate it. Maybe you should start a fan club for me on the net. It's really nice to hear from someone who doesn't want to criticize me; I get a lot of hate mail. All of us could use more love, always.

    September 18, 1997

    I was kidding! You're not a shmuck. You probably know stuff about films, but I just think that G.I. Jane and Face/Off don't deserve four stars, and Psycho does. When criticing films, you don't just look at how much you enjoy a film, you look at the message and the filmmaker's style.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    The message and the filmmaker's style often determine whether or not you like a movie , so of course you look at that. GI Jane and Face/Off were excellent movies that both deserved four stars for good acting , good special effects, and good plot. Psycho was good , but not that good.

    September 16, 1997

    Vivian, that's soooooo cool. You've interviewed so many celebrities. Oh, let me introduce myself; I'm Bridgett Gleason. I was just browsing through Andrew Keegan interviews and I started reading one of yours. I think It's a Really big accomplishment for someone of your age to achieve such a goal. I'll be 15 on November 9th 97' and the only big accomplishments I've made is winning a couple talent shows and getting accepted into a theater class at school. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my accomplishments, but it's just great for someone our age to achieve so much. I'm happy for you.

    Bridgett Gleason

    Vivian Rose replies:

    I think it would be fun to chat with you online if I get a chance. And I think your accomplishments sound great and you should keep up the good work. You may get to star opposite Andrew Keegan in a movie one day (wouldn't that be fun?). And I started writing when I was nine years old , for a small local paper.

    September 15, 1997

    You're a shmuck who doesn't know jack about films.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    OK, I'm a shmuck who doesn't know jack about films. That's how I got the job silly! I saw an ad in the paper "Wanted: Shmuck who doesn't know jack about films". Just joking. Seriously, you're entitled to your own opinion. But could you give me a few reasons as to why you think I'm a shmuck?

    September 7, 1997

    She's So Lovely has other people except John Travolta in it. The stars Are Sean Penn and Robyn Wright Penn. They are the real bulk of the story, Travolta is good, but he is in the movie for a third of the time they are.

    Have you guys ever heard of independent filmmaking? These movies are true art not Hollywood fluff. You guys need to incorporate art films into your site.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I guess I should have mentioned Sean and Robin Wright Penn. I'm just a big Travolta fan and thought he was the best part of the movie , so I talked mostly about him in my review. I don't know where to find art films, but that's a good idea and I'll look for some.

    September 6, 1997

    You probably have a lot of cyber friends but I'm bored and I just thought I'd drop you a line. I just want you to know that you have my dream job! I guess you could call me a video freak. I watch more movies than most people and just love show business period. How did you get your job? What grade are you in? What kind of music do you listen to. I'm a 13/f in grade nine and I listen to alternative music.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    Do you ever get "movied - out" from watching so many movies? I do occasionally. One day I watched four movies and thought I was going to go insane if I saw another.

    But I really love watching movies too, and reviewing them. For me, half the fun of seeing a movie is giving my opinion later.

    I started writing for a very small local paper when I was nine years old, then I did a stint at a local radio station , then a local TV station , and now I sometimes do movie reviews on another local station. This week I'm either doing Money Talks or Copland.

    Anyway, a couple months ago I decided to see if Roger Davidson could use a replacement when he retired,and that's how I started doing this.

    I'm also thirteen and in ninth grade. I listen to rock, sometimes alternative. My favorite bands are the Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, the Wallflowers, and No Doubt. I also like to read Stephen King novels (and of course watch the movies made out of his books) and bake cakes and cookies. Of course, they usually turn out terribly because I eat half the batter before it gets in the oven, that's the only reason I bake cakes- to do the sampling. Ever notice how batter tastes better than the actual cake? I also like to watch Home Improvement, and reruns of I Love Lucy.

    What are you favorite movies? Mine are Evita, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and GI Jane. I think Hollywood should make more good quality movies like those. And I also think they should stop with the excessively violent shoot-em-up flicks and do more musicals. Evita is pretty much the best movie released since Grease.

    September 5, 1997

    It would be nice if your site would let you see reviews in order of descending rating. Alphabetic and chronological organizations are fine, but when I want to pick up an idea for what movie to rent, a listing by rating would be best. That way I could look for something like just at your 4-star movies or just movies with at least 3-stars.

    Joel Smith

    Vivian Rose replies:

    That's an interesting idea, but I'll have to discuss it with the people who help me with the technicalities of the site. Also, it's a good idea to read the whole review because while I may love a movie , other people may hate it , and if you read my reasons for liking or disliking a movie, it'll be easier for you to figure out if you'll like it. These reviews are just my opinion.

    September 3, 1997

    Yes I have seen the new version of Romeo & Juliet. It was a shock about Di!!! We do have tabloids over here and talk shows- and I am ashamed to say it but- I LOVE JERRY SPRINGER!!!!! We have the same films as you do but they come out later over here! The next film I want to see is Austin Powers: International man of mystery starring Mike Myers! Just to let you know- I am a real film buff and so any infomation about upcoming films will be very welcome!


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I think the new version of Romeo and Juliet is great! It's so creative and original - a new take on Shakespeare. Austin Powers was already out over here. I never got to see it but it was a big flop; in and out of the theaters fast. Maybe it'll do better in England.

    I dislike those annoying talk shows, always blabbing about the same stuff you don't want to hear about. Do you have Jay Leno over there? He's one of the funniest guys on TV. I also love Home Improvement and reruns of I Love Lucy.

    I get a lot of advance info on films. Today I received a press pack on The Peacemaker with George Clooney. It won't be released here until Christmas, so it probably won't be out in England until sometime next year. Have you gotten GI Jane over there yet? I think that's one of the best films of the year, along with She's so Lovely and Evita. She's so Lovely is the latest John Travolta movie , and it also has Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. It's terrific, but you probably don't have it yet because it just came out here - but you should definitely see it when you get it. Did you like Grease? That's one of my favorite movies (I'm a big Travolta fan, in case you couldn't tell).

    September 2, 1997

    Hey there. I am a 16 year old aspiring film maker, who was cruising film web sites, and happened to stop by your page. First and foremost I'd like to congratulate you and Roger (Is that the other reviewer's name?) on an outstanding job. I give you both tremendous credit for the job you are doing.It takes a great deal of organization and determination to succeed with a project such as this.

    However, I am wondering what exactly your target audience is. Is it for kids who are around your age, and you give the reviews based on how you think this audience will perceive the movie? Or is it based on an audience of all ages, thus giving general reviews, based on how any audience member will perceive the movie? If you are going for the general audience, then in my opinion you are both quite easy on the "adult-type" movies, and qutie tough on the "child-based" films.For example, Free Willy 3, Air Bud, George of the Jungle, Kazaam, and The Sixth Man (all "child-based" movies), all received a one star from you. Now, if you are targeting a person of your age, obviously these movies would be completely immature, and a waste of time and the ratings are right on the ball. However,if you are doing a review for all ages, I believe you should put yourself in the shoes of a young child who would be seeing these movies, and I'm sure they would walk out of the theatre by Mommy or Daddy's side, feeling completely gratified by the movie. Also, you seem to be quite forgiving on the "adult-ish" movies.Now I know people in the 10-13 yr. range are easily swayed by these movies.... I KNOW FOR SURE MY FRIENDS AND I WERE AT THIS AGE. But deeming such movies as Dangerous Minds as "One of the Best Films of the Nintey's," ? I just basically want to know what your target audience is. (Can you believe it took me this long to ask such a simple question?)

    Once again, I want to tell you what a fabulous job you are both doing. If it is for an audience of your age, then you are RIGHT ON TRACK! Keep up the great work. And keep watching those movies. Good luck in the future... Maybe I'll hear from you soon!

    A new born fan!

    Vivian Rose replies:

    It's great to hear from a new fan. I get a lot of flack about bashing Disney movies because I write for another site aimed at kids. Teen Movie Critic is aimed at teens I think, but I still have a lot of people who disagree.

    September 2, 1997

    Let's remember what audience George of the Jungle was intended for. Kids from ages 4 to 10 would be ideal. I took my kids to see this flick and they had a ball watching harmless George bang into those trees. See a movie that fits your age and, if you decide to review it, review it in such a way that fits the prospective age group that it is targeted for. Sometimes you have to let reality go, and use your imagination. In other words, be a kid again. Can you dig it?

    Dr. Edward A. Strohmier, Pharm D.

    Vivian Rose replies:

    I have heard the same thing before. I try to be objective and usually mention that it's a good movie for little kids - even if I hate it. The audience I was in never laughed during George of the Jungle. This is just my opinion; my reviews may not suit little kids who like Barney and George. Sorry, but the whole movie struck me as repetitive, boring, and mind-numbing.

    August 31, 1997

    (1) If you liked RACE THE SUN so much, how come you only gave it one star?

    (2) Why are 99% of the movies you review mainstream movies that are current or made in the past 5 years? GREASE and MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL are the only movies before 1990 that you have reviewed (and they were both mainstream movies). Why don't you review silent movies? Or Japanese animation? Or movies directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis? Or Hong Kong movies? Or movies from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s? Or art movies from France, Italy, or Australia? Or...


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I haven't had a chance to rent many old movies. I have no idea how to get overseas movies unless they come to theatres here like Jackie Chan's movies.

    One star for Race the Sun was a typo. I meant to give it a three.

    August 30, 1997

    I would just like to say that I really enjoyed this website. I am from UK and my favorite film has got to be either Romeo and Juliet or Do the right thing!


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I'm glad you enjoy the web site. I heard about Princess Di today. It's all over the news here. I guess there's even more going on about it over there, huh? So tragic. Did you see the new version of Romeo and Juliet last year? I loved it. Write anytime and tell me what you think of my reviews. Do you get the same movies at the same time in England?

    August 24, 1997

    What's up? I just checked out your site. I'm 15 and write reviews for theBoston Globe, so I thought it'd be interesting to look at other teens'movie reviews. Just a couple of things I noticed - in KINGPIN, Randy Quaid's character is named Ishmael, not "Ishmoo". Also, don't you think that THE FIFTH ELEMENT had some stylistic merit? Granted it's thematic value is questionable, but you've got to admit that Besson did have many aesthetically pleasing scenes. I also thought the Jean-Paul Gautier costumes were great. To each their own.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I didn't know how to spell it Ishmael; it's a weird Amish name. But thanks for pointing that out.

    I guess the costumes were OK , but that one guy who looked like a cross between Dennis Rodman and Oprah was tres annoying.

    August 23, 1997

    We liked George of the Jungle, Good Burger and especially Air Bud. According to you there is nothing we can go see at the movie theater. Please listen to us and remember that kids don't want the same kind of movies that adults watch.

    Emily Phillips (8) and Austin Phillips (5)

    Vivian Rose replies:

    I usually mention in articles on kids' movies that it's good for younger kids. Maybe you didn't see it, or I missed putting it in one review. I know kids your age will enjoy it, but I was just bored out of my skull. I write for many sites, not all of them just for kids. Thanks for writing though.

    August 22, 1997

    How did she ever get to write? I thought Spawn sucked, too, but at least I understood that it wasn't about a satanic cult and there was no Devil in the movie. Spawn made the deal with the demon Maleborjia and Clown worked for him. Thought I'd tell you. You're worse than Roger Davidson.

    Mr. Kin-Chee

    Vivian Rose replies:

    Well the movie was so confusing and the plot so flimsy, it was hard to understand who the demon was supposed to be. And those terrible special effects were so distracting. That's how I understood the plot, which goes to show you how not -well- put -together it was. Write me anytime, even if I am worse than Roger Davidson.

    August 18, 1997

    While I do respect your opinions on movies, and I do like your efforts as the new Teen Movie Critic, I do have to make a slight comment on your review of Spawn. Even though you did give it a scathing review, (while I gave it a very favorable one) how can you honestly give it a true review when you have not seen it all? You even mentioned in the article that you did walk out of it, so why is there even a review up for it? Shouldn't you have to see it all before giving it a truthful review? Thank you for your time.

    D.Michael Kaan, Jr.

    Vivian Rose replies:

    Sorry I didn't answer sooner, but my pc was down. I stuck it out for an hour and simply couldn't take any more of Spawn. When a movie starts that badly, there's little hope it'll improve after the first hour. And my review was fair in that I told everyone I walked out , so they know I didn't watch the entire movie.

    What's the worst movie you're ever seen? Just imagine not walking out of it, and you'll understand. But thanks for writing; write anytime.

    August 16, 1997

    Can you tell me about this science-fiction-horror film, Event Horizon? Are you too young to view it? I'm sure it is restricted there.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    I reviewed it, and I loved it. And no, I didn't get nightmares, although several movie theatre employees I know did. You should see it, but only if you aren't squeamish. There's lots of blood and guts, and special effects, plus an intriguing plot, too. Incidentally, I don't think it's all that scary.

    August 14, 1997

    One of the reasons that I recommended Motion Picture Industry: Behind-The-Scenes for your links section is that many of the movie links on the Teen Movie Critic link page don't work at all. (Editor's note: All bad links have been removed) Rhys Southan

    Vivian Rose replies:

    I don't have anything to do with those sites, but I'll turn it over to my editor. Thanks for writing, and let me know what you think of my reviews. Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner; pc was down.

    August 13, 1997

    Vivian Rose replies:

    Sorry I didn't answer you, my computer's been down all week. I lost all the files, everything. If your little brother wants to see Spawn, let him go with his friends-it's awful. He may like it. I couldn't take it when they started eating pizza topped with maggots and rats' heads. Anyway, thanks for writing, I'll get back to you sooner next time.

    August 13, 1997

    I wrote you before about your movie reviews; I keep on reading them. Thanks for the one on Spawn. My younger brother has been wanting to see it but my mom is doubtful, and so am I. Now we have a good reason not to see it. Also I wanted to let you know that I do see your opint on the reviews, even though mine might be different.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    Sorry I didn't answer you, my computer's been down all week. I lost all the files, everything. If your little brother wants to see Spawn, let him go with his friends-it's awful. He may like it. I couldn't take it when they started eating pizza topped with maggots and rats' heads. Anyway, thanks for writing, I'll get back to you sooner next time.

    July 30, 1997

    My name is Brendan Lorbach and I have been a movie fan for several years. I am sixteen and I would also like to start doing movie reviews on the net. Please tell me if there is any possible way to get started.


    Vivian Rose replies:

    In order to get started doing movie reviews on the net here are my suggestions, and advice: Try getting into a school newspaper or a small local paper. People on the net look for experience. Write anywhere and everywhere that you can. The more you write the better you'll get. And don't expect to get paid - just write for the experience - and fun, at least at first.

    Good Luck

    July 29, 1997

    I'm 13 too. I read Roger every day until I found out that you started reviewing in his place. I write my own reviews but they are stored away on my own computer. But I have one question and one thing to say: since you are only 13 will you review R movies?

    I loved Out to Sea. Im not 40 though. Good Luck!


    Vivian Rose replies:

    Yes, I will be reviewing R rated movies.

    July 29, 1997

    I would like to congratulate you on a job well-done! It's remarkable how your writing matured over one short week. You might be ready to tackle your college applications essays now! 8) Now all you need to do is learn more fancy "adult" vocabulary to spice up your reviews.

    I realized in your reply to my last letter that some of these reviews were written when you were nine, and it's easy to tell which ones those were. While it's not a crime republish your older reviews, some of your old opinions might be outdated. Rather than copying the old reviews, maybe you can write a new one, you don't necessarily have to see the movie again... just try to remember bits and pieces of the movie. Did any particular scenes really move you? Is there anything that you didn't like or didn't understand back then but is now fine or vice versa?

    Finally, I am glad we have similar tastes... however, I do disagree with your Contact review. I didn't like Matthew McConaughy's character at all and the movie is often more theological & philosophical then Sci/Fi alien. (I would like to add that I didn't find the movie enjoyable, even though the acting and directing is competent). The religious aspect was blown way out of proportion. Ofcourse, this is purely my own opinion. Which brings me to my last point, you are entitled to your own opinion... you don't need to like a movie or have to write good reviews to praise it simply because the critics and the rest of the world like it. You are an intelligent individual and you should not let others influence you in your critique.


    July 27, 1997

    I'm glad to see that there's a new Teen Movie Critic on the Internet because I wasn't too happy with the old one. Anyway, from what I've read, you seem to be a very knowledgeable about the films you review. I certainly hope that you stay on for quite some time. I, myself, have seen literally hundreds of different films over the years and I would be glad to recommend any film to you if you would like.

    About myself, my name is Brett and I'm a 16-year-old male. I own various movies on tape ranging from every single Godzilla film ever made to Lawrence of Arabia. I mostly like epic films, such as Ben-Hur, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Godfather trilogy, and Barry Lyndon.

    I would be more than happy to recommend a great film or even a bad film for you to review. I'd like to hear from you as soon as possible. I'd like to know more about you, such as, your hobbies, favorite movies, the movies you own on video, etc. I also think that you're quite pretty.

    Well, I can't wait to hear from you and I wish you a prosperous stay on the Teen Movie Critic Web page. Talk to you later!


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