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Andrew Keegan

September 8, 1997

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"Kissing is a bummer," teen idol Andrew Keegan joked. He continued, " I did it for the "Camp Nowhere" movie, and we got "total directions" on kissing. We had fun, though, and a good laugh."

Currently, he can be seen on ABC's Step By Step where he plays the recurring character, Matt Crawford, and as a guest star on UPN's Moesha where he is Brandy's boyfriend, Matt. Keegan also told me about the role he had in Independence Day. "I tried to seduce a girl into doing a wild thing in Independence Day, he revealed. (You might remember Keegan as Jack Kelly, the handsome teenager in "Thunder Alley"). Both Keegan and Ed Asner were surprised, and disappointed that Thunder Alley didn't run another season, as it was a highly rated show.)

Keegan is the first celebrity I've interviewed (by telephone) who received a prank call on his private phone during our conversation. It was the second prank call he'd received that day. Somehow, his private phone number got out on the Internet, and now cybersenders are calling him on the phone. Keegan's message: "Fan mail is great, but no calls, please." And the fan mail pours in. Recently he received a letter in a shoe, and a huge card that was a several feet tall. Unfortunately, Keegan doesn't have time to read all the fan mail, but manages to read some.

As an actor, Keegan started very early. He was a "Gerber" baby. After that, he claims he was "hot and cold" for a while. "As I grew up, I was busy doing stuff with my friends, and didn't really take acting seriously until I was 13-years old. But now, my heart will always be in acting."

His heart may always be in acting, but Keegan refers to his unusual three and a half foot pet iguana as "Oh, my baby". Keegan continued, "He just cruises around my house, finding sunny spots... And, no, he doesn't sleep on my bed.... but it's really cool to have him for a pet."

There is more to Keegan's family than Montue, the iguana. Both of his parents are "in the business". His father is also an actor, and his mother is the "best hairdresser in the world". She frequently helps at photo shoots and does Keegan's hair for him. "Both of my parents are very supportive, " Keegan stated. "They didn't really want me in the business because they know how hard it is, but they help me a lot. Keegan's younger brother, Casey, is also an actor, and although Keegan is always ready to help him, he said, "I won't push him."

Keegan is against "pushing", and has a strong message for his young fans about not letting people push them into things that don't really want. "Whatever you do, don't do drugs!" Keegan warned. "Don't let anyone push you into that!"

My advice: Don't miss Andrew Keegan in Independence Day; it's a small role, but rent the video anyway."

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