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Steve Hytner

May 11, 1998

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Talk about being busy. Steve Hytner starred on two NBC sitcoms this season - Seinfeld, which recently ended, and Working which has been picked up for another season. "Fortunately the two characters - Bania on Seinfeld and John Delaney on Working were very different, so I never got confused and started doing the wrong character!" he laughed. "And the producers of both shows were great about helping me work out my schedule so I could do both shows."

So what does he remember most fondly about Seinfeld? "There were so many good memories," Hytner recalled. "The first time I was on the show I walked onto the set and it was so familiar - it was like home."

"I also remember working with a very talented cast," he continued. "I'd be in the middle of a scene with Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards, and just pull outside of it for a minute. I'd think, 'Wow, this is amazing," and realize how lucky I was."

Bania is of course the comedian who tries too hard. "I had a lot of fun developing Bania," explained Hytner. "Everyone was really supportive and kept urging me to go further with the character. And I used to know a guy like Bania - he wanted to be a comedian and he smiled too wide, laughed too loud - he just tried too hard! Bania is like that - he's annoying, but he just really wants to be everyone's friend. He's never mean."

That's quite a contrast with Hytner's Working character John Delaney. "John is not a team player," said Hytner. "He's a grump. He really hasn't been too successful in his career, he's frustrated, and so he's very sarcastic. But I think in his sarcastic way, he's trying to guide Matt (Fred Savage) in the right direction."

As for his personal life, Hytner is not married, but is still looking for the right woman. "She's out there somewhere," he laughed. "And today I may walk out the door and meet her."

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