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The Galeota brothers - Michael & Jimmy

April 13, 1998

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It runs in the family. Thirteen-year-old Michael Galeota had his own television show Bailey Kipper's POV, and his twelve-year-old brother Jimmy got "into the act" as well.

Jimmy, who presently is a series regular on Michael Hayes(CBS), has guest-starred on various television shows including brother Michael's Bailey Kipper's POV (although CBS did not renew the show for next year, M.T.M, who owns the show, is offering it to other networks). Additionally, he starred opposite Michael in Clubhouse Detectives and the HBO Babysitters Remember feature.

According to Jimmy, it's easier to work with his own brother. "We just get going, and Michael will say something, and then I'll say something, and things just work out great. There's a lot of spontaneity when we work together," Jimmy explained.

There's never rivalry. Even though the boys often audition for the same parts, they never get jealous of each other, and don't want to compete against each other - or anyone. Although younger, Jimmy can stand alone. On his own he's been successful in the hit film Look Who's Talking, Too with John Travolta and Kristie Alley. "Acting's great! I got to guest star on television shows I really like: Ellen, Murphy Brown and Life's Work. And I'm great friends with Andrew Keegan, " Jimmy elaborated.

Both the Galeota boys are involved with RAD - Rockers Against Drunk Drivers, and they're in a video and music album which is shown in 80,000 schools across the country.

And, if you've on the Internet, they are involved in Celebrity Sightings, a child-teen actor Website that's devoted to child actors. Michael and Jimmy frequently "get on up there and chat".

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