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Yvette Freeman

February 9, 1998

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How realistic is ER, the popular NBC drama based on real life emergency rooms? According to Yvette Freeman, who has a recurring role as nurse Haleh Adams on the show, it's very realistic. "The show is written by real doctors, and the producers go to a lot of trouble to make sure it's realistic. Even the wounds on patients look realistic because the makeup artists are given pictures. And they use real diseases too - everything is based on fact," stated Freeman.

Fred Savage's new NBC comedy Working, on which she plays Evelyn Smalley, a crass office manager, is not so based on fact. "'Working' makes fun of office jobs, and it's not realistic, but people can relate to it anyway," said Freeman. "I once worked as an office manager myself, and let's just say that I have more fun playing one on TV!"

Freeman went on to explain why this is a different sort of role for her. "Most of the characters I've played, such as Haleh, are so warm and friendly," she laughed. "Evelyn, on the other hand, is pretty cold."

However, Evelyn is quickly becoming her favorite role. "Every comedy actress wants to be like Lucille Ball," explained Freeman. "And with Evelyn, I have a chance to be really wacky like that. I get to do all sorts of crazy stunts - in one upcoming episode, I even catch a fish with my bare hands!"

In other aspects of show business, Freeman has had several film roles, including Children of the Corn III and Angus Bethune, as well as several theatre roles. Her latest is a Broadway play called Dinah Was, in which she plays the legendary jazz singer Dinah Washington. She is also currently writing a children's book with her sister.

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