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Jamie Elman

May 25, 1998

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Student Bodies is the hot new teen sitcom that combines live action with animation in a totally amusing way. Since I suspect it'll be a big hit soon, I decided to get the scoop directly from one of the starring actors - Jamie Elman.

Elman portrays Cody Miller, the high school student who loves to draw cartoons that comically illustrate his feelings, and Nicole Lyn, is Cody's new girlfriend, Emily.

Elman impressed me as a sincerely likable actor. (I had something of a disaster when interviewing him - just a couple minutes into our conversation, my tape recorder started making odd clicking noises, and obviously wasn't working. Hurriedly trying to get it working again, I was very relieved when Elman graciously suggested I call him back in five minutes. When the tape recorder started misbehaving the second time around, he said in his easygoing manner that we could just reschedule the interview for the next day. I apologized and assured him that most of my interviews go much more smoothly, and he modestly told me he was flattered that I wanted to interview him.)

Finally, the next day the interview passed quickly without a mechanical hitch with Elman being very open and talkative. Although he couldn't tell me how "Tanya", the cliffhanger episode of Student Bodies is resolved in future episodes, he did tell me that "it doesn't end the way you think it's going to."

Elman noted that Student Bodies will deal with more relevant teen issues, such as peer pressure, in the next season.

Elman, 21, now an English major in college, recalled, "The most difficult thing about my teen years was trying to figure out who I was. It's hard to make the transition from being a kid to being an adult."

One of his best memories from high school was playing music with a band. "I was in a band called the "One Night Stands" - what a name huh? - and it was so much fun. I haven't pursued music professionally, but if I ever got an opportunity to play with a band again, I'd love to," he remarked.

I got the impression -mind you this is only speculation on my part- that Elman and Lyn might just be an item off the set. While Elman wouldn't say anything about a girlfriend, he seemed very interested in what Lyn told me when I previously spoke with her. "What did she say about me? No, really, is that what she said?" he kept asking.

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