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Rachel Leigh Cook

December 8, 1997

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Editor's note: This interview was done recently, but we also have an older interview online, done when Ms Cook was only sixteen. Check it out at Rachel Leigh Cook, August 18, 1997.

It's hard to believe that talkative eighteen-year-old actress Rachel Leigh Cook (best known for her roles inBabysitters' Club and Tom and Huck) was shy as a child, although she insists she was. "Until I got into print modeling, I was very shy," Cook explained. "Although I would sometimes open my mouth and say stuff that I shouldn't," she added.

Cook admits that she still has to watch her mouth sometimes, but nevertheless revealed juicy information. For example, she wouldn't name any names, but said that filming last year's movie Carpool with Tom Arnold and several seven-year-olds was quite trying. "For three months I was sitting in the back seat of a car with a bunch of little kids! And they kept saying they had to go to the bathroom, or asking if we were though yet. They were cute, but after a while they got on my nerves," Cook said.

While filming Carpool, Cook, who was sixteen at the time, was learning to drive. "I did finally get my license, and those two little accidents were not my fault," she said firmly. "The first time I just hit a pole, I didn't even mess up anyone else's car. And the second time, it was so dark I couldn't see the lady's car. I didn't do much damage."

More recently, Cook completed an independent film titled The Hairy Bird, (to be released spring 1998) a coming-of-age story set at an all-girls school, in which she co-stars with Gaby Hoffman. "I play the bad girl who shows up and does mean things to ruin everybody's fun," Cook laughed. "It was a different sort of role for me because I usually play such nice characters, like "Mary Anne" in the Babysitters Club movie."

Another "different" character that she played was a biker girl in the recently completed comedy Naked Man. "It's not as bad as it sounds!" she laughed. "It's about a sumo wrestler, and I play this biker girl who is totally in awe of him and follows him around everywhere."

In her spare time, Cook enjoys being with her family, who still live in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota (Cook now lives alone in Los Angeles). Her brother Ben, fifteen, has considered acting, but had been too busy with other activities to give it a try yet.

Busy, much like his sister, Rachael. "This is what my typical day is like: I have to read this script, find these five library books that are overdue; return that video I rented last week before the people from the rental store come after me; go to my audition; call back my mom who left a message on my machine three days ago...I'm never without something to do!" she exclaimed, laughing.

She does find time for a steady boyfriend, although she won't reveal his name.

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