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Christopher Castille

February 2, 1998

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"The most important thing I want people to know about me is that I'm not a 'nerd' like I play on TV. That's a good thing for people to know," stated 18 year old Christopher Castille, who has played 'the nerd', Mark, on the television sitcom Step by Step.

For over seven years, Castille has portrayed Mark on Step by Step, and he mentioned that his character has changed a lot. "They, (the show writers/producers) have allowed Mark to grow and wear less nerdy clothes, etc.," Castille related.

You may know Castille not only from his role as Mark on Step by Step, but also from the two Beethoven movies, in which he starred with a canine costar. "A third movie doesn't seem likely, but you never know," said Castille.

How, you may wonder, did Castille get his start? "When I was a little kid, I liked to pretend I was on television," he remembered. "I pretended to be the President. I made speeches, stuff like that. My parents thought I was a weird kid. It took them three years to figure out I wanted to act," he laughed.

After his parents figured out that he wanted to "act", when he was around 7 years old, he began going to acting schools. "At one school, I learned memorization skills. They gave us ten minutes to read a certain script. Then we had to say the lines without looking at our sheets - or 'ad lib' - and say something appropriate. Because of that acting school, I memorize things easily, today, " Castille explained.

These memorization skills will help him with his future goals. He wants to be an actor, director, airline pilot, professional golfer, and baseball or football player. "Any one will do!" Castille exclaimed.

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