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Nakia Burrise

January 12, 1998

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Little kids are mesmerized by the computer enhanced "superheroes" on the Power Rangers Zeo (Fox Kids Networks), but what's the real story behind those bright suits? A lot of love and kindness, I discovered, after talking to Nakia Burrise who portrays the Yellow Ranger called Tanya, a young African girl who assists Aisha on her quest to find her ZEO crystal. "If I had superpowers like Tanya, I would get rid of racism and discrimination," she emphasized. "I would also not make money as big an issue, because obviously, people kill over money - and the money that buys drugs, etc. And, I would change people's hearts so that everyone would love one another," she continued.

Twenty-two year old actress Nakia Burrise may not quite be able to change people's hearts so that everyone would love each other, but as the former class clown of her old high school, she does know how to make people laugh. Although she has no plans to become another Whoopi, or a standup comedian, she does aspire to be in comedy movies, and will have more comedic roles in Power Rangers.

Whether she's making people laugh, or just saving the world (again), being an entertainer comes as naturally to her as it did to many of her closest relatives. "Before I was born my uncles and father had a popular singing group called Mind's Creation, and they were well known," she remembered.

Although surrounded by family members "in the business", for a short while, Burrisse, had considered a career in sports. "I decided against that, because I play softball, and for women, there is no professional career in that. So I stuck with acting!" she laughed.

Knowing how tedious and tiresome auditioning can become, Nakia has powerful methods of psyching herself up for auditions. Her first method, (which didn't work) was: "O.K. I'm going in there, concentrate on the role, and get it." So she changed her method to: "I'm going to be myself, do it, and not think about it afterwards." The first time she tried Method Two was on her Power Rangers audition, and you know how that turned out!

If you're a young aspiring actor, and wish you could be as lucky as Burrise, she has advice for you. "Don't ever give up. Stay determined. Pursue your dreams and NEVER let anyone interfere, or tell you that you can't do it. No one should ever take away another person's dream."

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