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Jonathan Brandis

November 17, 1997

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Don't ask young actor, Jonathan Brandis,(better known as Ensign Wolenczak on SeaQuest) a totally stupid question like, "Did you miss your childhood because you've been acting since you were a little kid?" That's the one question he doesn't like at all.

"I didn't miss my childhood. It's simply not true," Brandis stated firmly. "I had a great childhood. I went to a normal school and everything. And one day, a teacher wheeled in a big television set, and we all watched me on One Life to Live." All of his little six-year old classmates were very impressed.

Since then Brandis has had many other roles, and has auditioned extensively. I simply had to ask him if he ever got "bummed" because he didn't get a certain role. Absolutely not! "You can't fall in love with a part," Brandis explained. "I can want a part badly, but if I don't get it, there's nothing I can do about it. So, I just don't fall in love with a part when I'm auditioning."

But, Brandis has fallen in love with Tatiana Ali who played on Fresh Prince of Belair. (In fact they starred together in the 1996 TV movie, Fall Into Darkness.) When I inquired about the possibility of marriage, Brandis said that it was simply too soon for that. "We haven't dated that long..." he laughed.

In the made-for television film Her Last Chance Brandis portrayed a troubled teenager named Preston who uses drugs/alcohol, and takes his girlfriend along for the ride.

"Although I haven't done what Preston did," Brandis admitted, "I did learn a great deal. And I do know that I will never do drugs." Brandis felt that the scariest scenes in the movie were when Preston was intoxicated. More importantly, Brandis felt that Her Last Chance gave him a chance to play a role that he's never played before - a dark and morbid part.

Besides starring in Her Last Chance, Brandis co-starred with a lion in the ABC telefilm, Born Free: The Next Generation. Co-starring with a lion? Brandis wasn't scared. "I only got scratched once," he said, "when I made the mistake of turning my back on the lion, and he didn't think I was paying attention to him. A huge 400 pound animal scratching you is scary...", Brandis moaned.

Brandis did want to correct once inaccuracy that's appeared in various fan magazines. "I didn't leave SeaQuest to leave the business. It's not true. I'm in this for the rest of my life!"

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