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December 22, 1997

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Have you ever done something really stupid? I did. Recently, I was included in a "conference call" with BoyzIIMen. (You know them - the world- wide, sensationsal pop singing group, which includes Michael McCary, Nate Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman. Does the album End of the Road sound familiar?)

Anyway, I'd read their biography quickly and I'd mistakenly thought that Nate Morris had passed out $100.00 bills at a BoyzIIMen concert. One of my carefully planned questions was: "How do you chose the women that you give $100.00 bills to?"

With my questions ready, the conference call began. About forty reporters shot questions like bullets from a gun. Not being a veteran reporter, I mostly listened to the various questions. I "overheard" plenty of useful information, but didn't ask McCary any questions. Early on, I squeezed in a question to Nate Morris: "Do you sing in the shower?"

Nate's answer? "Uh...Not really. Sometimes." But that wasn't the most embarassing part - far from it. At last, Ramona Baine, their publicist, interruped the call, and announced that there was time for one more question. She introduced "yours truly", and let me ask the last question. You guessed it. I asked how he picked the women he gave $100 bills to.

Nate replied, "I don't. Babyface does that." Great! Now I really made a fool of myself.

Fortunately, Ms. Baine was kind enough to let me have another question. This time I asked Nate if he had any advice for kids interested in a musical career. His answer: "Go full-heartedly. Believe in what you want to do, and don't ever give up!"

Along with that good advice, I heard an abundance of juicy information: None of them have girlfriends because "it's hard to have a relationship while traveling and constantly being on the road". So - ladies, - they're still eligible.

Is there any danger of "the Boyz" breaking up, as, unfortunately, so many great bands do? Absolutely, positively, 100 %, without a shadow of a doubt, "NO!" According to Nate, they don't have a paper contract to "stick" together, but it's in their hearts. They've grown up together; they need each other; they are a "brotherhood".

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