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Matthew Botuchis

April 6, 1998

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If you were a 12-year old boy in Cincinnati, would you leave your parents and friends to move to California in order to live with your 22 year old actor-brother just to pursue your acting career?

That's exactly what 16 year-old Matthew Botuchis, known for the 3 Ninjas movies, did.

"It was a tough decision at first, " Botuchis admitted. "I was extremely homesick, but then I made friends in California, and I've never regretted the decision to move."

Yet, when his older brother became his legal guardian, there were a few changes in their brotherly relationship. "My brother became much stricter, and that bothered me, but I 'put myself in his shoes' and realized that I'd probably do the same thing. Today, we have a great brother-friend relationship," Botuchis remarked.

Now, Botuchis' parents were overwhelmed at his leaving home at 12 years old, because they didn't think he'd make it in acting so soon. When Botuchis went for his one-month trial living period in California, they had no idea that he'd land a starring role in the NBC pilot, Raising Caines.

If he hadn't landed that role, Botuchis claimed that he would have kept auditioning - until he did get a role.

Botuchis is so serious about acting that he lets auditions come first, then he schedules his day or week. Acting is first, always.

Soon, Botuchis will be starring as Rocky, the oldest ninja, in 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain. "My character, Rocky, is the responsible one, who always keeps his head on straight and knows how to handle a situation," he explained.

Although Botuchis claims to be a lot like Rocky (he even studied karate), he considers the main difference between him and Rocky to be responsibility. "I'm just not as responsible as he is, " laughed Botuchis.

In the upcoming ninja move, the 3 Ninjas visit an amusement park. During their visit, terroists take over the park and the 3 Ninjas are in charge of reclaiming the park. Botuchis describes this 4th Ninja movie as having more action, and a better script than the previous movies.

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