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Shay Astar

March 9, 1998

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Four aliens from another planet descend on Earth, disguised as earthlings. Their mission: to study earthlings. No, I haven't given up interviewing celebrities for a career writing science fiction. This is the basic plot of NBC's highly popular television show, 3rd Rock From The Sun.

August (portrayed by Shay Astar) is the young alien, Tommy's, girlfriend. On the show, August is demanding, assertive, high strung, and definitely a feminist. In a past episode, Tommy tried to tell August that he's an alien, but was unable to do it. Since Tommy acts so weird anyway, August will probably believe him - if he ever gets the courage to tell her.

Astar laughingly remarked, "I don't know if I could date an alien in real life. It's just so weird, but I do want to know about alien technology. I'd want to know what they are doing up there, etc."

Does that mean Astar believes in little green men from space? "I have a hard time with the little green men stuff, " Astar admitted," but I do think there is intelligent life out there."

Fifteen-year-old Astar is smart enough not to take her good singing voice too seriously. "Everyone with anything of a voice is releasing an album these days. I don't want to do that. Singing is just a hobby for me," she stated.

But she plans to act until she dies. "Acting is everything for me. I would do something drastic -like cut or dye my hair-for a good part. Not for an audition - but for a good part," she emphasized.

Astar claimed that the only downside to acting is that when she is on the set, she rarely gets to see her friends. Additionally, while Astar attended a regular public school, the kids treated her differently. Some would whisper, point, and stare. She was referred to as "That chick from '3rd Rock'".

And, she almost is "that chick from 3rd Rock". "I fell in love with the character when I auditioned," Astar remembered. Surprisingly, she shares personality traits with her T.V. character- except she's not quite as high strung and nervous as August.

Although Astar stars in 3rd Rock From The Sun, I could tell that she is a - pardon the pun - pretty down to earth teenager.

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