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Reviews for the week of October 25, 1999.

The Omega Code

The Omega Code
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If you didn't get enough sleep last night, go check out "The Omega Code" - you'll have a good excuse to take a nice two-hour nap.

"Boring" is the operative word here. A bunch of unknown - and, for the most part, unremarkable- actors play uninteresting, see-through characters lost in a silly and predictable plot.

Dr. Gillen Lane (Caspar Van Dien) plays a guru who appears on talk shows promoting his book. His particular gimmick is a book explaining the Omega Code - a code in the bible that interprets your life for you based on your name. (They don't give specifics, but it sounds like a crazy cousin of numerology.) It also predicts what will happen to the world as a whole, but some important factors (this part was rather unclear) are missing, so Gillen doesn't know everything yet. (Meaning that he doesn't know if the world will come to an end or what.) Meanwhile, Gillen has personal problems (he doesn't pay enough attention to his wife and she feels neglected).

Soon Gillen gets mixed up with a seemingly benevolent man who turns out to be an evil "I want to rule the world" type. (I think he's supposed to embody Satan or the anti-Christ or something like that, but again, it's pretty vague.) Anyway, he tricks and manipulates Gillen and several other important people, and soon he's all set to put some unclearly defined evil plans into motion.

The movie ends (yes I'm telling the ending but I'm not really giving any big surprise away) with a computer printout of the final part of the Omega code. Guess what it says? "0000 - Dawn of a New Millennium". Well, duh - was anyone out there unaware that next year starts a new millennium? They don't even tell you what happens in that new millennium - although by that time Mr. Evil has been defeated, so it seems safe to say that things probably turn out for the better. This is yet another T.H.E. (Typical Hollywood Ending) alert.

My Rating = One Star


The Story of Us

The Story of Us
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The Story of Us is a dull, sluggish film about a fifteen- years married couple who do nothing but fight for most of the film. For this, I could have stayed home and watched my parents argue! (I'm sure everybody knows a squabbling couple - surely you don't have to pay good money to see this!)

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Katie Jordan, and Bruce Willis, whose action-hero image is nowhere to be found here, plays her husband Ben. After fifteen years, their marriage is about to end in divorce. Despite the fact that they bicker a lot, they really act quite civilly to each other, for a soon-to-be-divorced couple. That is a big clue about what is - and isn't - going to happen at the end of this long, tedious, and overly melodramatic tale.

From the previews you would expect this movie to contain some exciting or interesting history about Ben and Katie, but you only see quick snatches here and there - nothing in depth.

The Story of Us doesn't seem to have much of a point. It's obvious where the plot is going, and there isn't much fun in getting there. The few amusing parts of this movie are provided by actors in supporting roles - like Rob Reiner and Paul Reiser - that really have little to do with the main focus - Ben and Katie. (The best part was a scene in which Rob Reiner explains that his butt is really just the tops of his legs. Later, an angry and frustrated Ben tells Reiner to take some bread and "shove it up the tops of your legs".)

My Rating = Two Stars


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