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Reviews for the week of July 10, 2000.

Passion of Mind

Passion of Mind
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Passion of Mind is a strange but uninteresting movie starring Demi Moore.

Moore plays a woman who has two lives - one real, and one imaginary. She can't tell them apart, and neither can the viewer - which is frustrating.

In one life, she is a smart businesswoman in New York, but her romantic life suffers.

In the other life, she is a widowed mother in France.

The two lives parallel each other - when she meets a new man in one life, she meets another new guy in the other life.

None of this makes much sense. Split-personality stories are usually more intriguing than Passion of Mind, if not easy to understand. Plus, both of Moore's lives are terribly dull. Now there's an oxymoron: Why have a fantasy that is every bit as boring as your real life?

Audio VersionAnd why watch a movie as boring as Passion of Mind?

My Rating = One Star


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