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Reviews for the week of June 14, 1999.

Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me
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You know there's nothing groovier than Austin Powers (Mike Myers), swinging sixties' spy transported to the nineties after being cryogenically frozen for a few decades. Not only is his nemesis, Dr. Evil (also portrayed by Mike Myers) quite fascinating, but he's remarkably likeable as well.

Of course, there's a whole cast of crazy characters in this wild 60's spoof. Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) is Austin's new girlfriend (don't even ask what happened to his love interest from the first movie, Vanessa Kensington). Mini-Me is Dr.Evil's clone - one-eighth Evil's size. I also think that Dr. Evil's beautiful, hairless Sphynx cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, deserves his due recognition (he does get his own clone, which is nice).

Austin meets up with Dr. Evil again in the 90's, only to travel through time back to the 60's, when and where Evil has stolen Austin's mojo. (It's not as confusing as it sounds.) While in the 60's, Austin meets Felicity and has lots of spy adventures.

Okay, so Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me relies a bit heavily on bathroom humor and sight gags. It IS funny. And, if you ask me, it's actually quite brilliant, if you think about it. You don't have to have been around in the 60's to enjoy this wacky, fun film.

Mike Myers is probably the most talented comedian to grace the silver screen since Jim Carrey gave us such splendid characters as Ace Ventura. You have to give Myers even more credit for playing several different characters in the same film - that shows his versatility as an actor and comedian. (I was reminded of Eddie Murphy's multiple roles in The Nutty Professor.) The other actors complement Myers well.

I'm hoping there will be a third Austin Powers movie. Long live Austin Powers - and Dr. Evil (what would Austin be without him?) - and Mr. Bigglesworth (what would Dr.Evil be without him?).

My Rating = Four Stars



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A fellow movie critic suggested I see Trekkies since he knows I am quite fond of Star Trek. I used to consider myself a big Trekkie, or Trekker if you prefer that term, but I'm afraid I pale in comparison to the fans portrayed in this documentary!

This tribute to Star Trek is only for people who enjoy the film or show. And even I can't fully appreciate the mania some fans experience.

For the most part, it focuses on the most intensely devoted Star Trek fanatics, and includes commentary from Star Trek actors as well. You meet the woman who idolizes actor Brent Spinel (Data). Then you meet the woman who wore her Star Trek uniform while serving on the Whitewater trial jury (she wears her phaser and badge everywhere she goes). Next there's the couple who own their own dental clinic - which just happens to be a shrine to everything Star Trek. Another couple is just crazy about dressing themselves and even their pet poodle up in Star Trek garb (the husband confessed that if he could afford it, he would have his ears surgically altered to look like Spock's). Ouch! And don't forget the now-deceased Bones, the Star Wars cat. Or the teenage boy who, as a youngster, was sent home from school for wearing his Star Trek attire.

Yes, Trekkies pays homage to some truly obsessed fans. Personally, I don't understand how anyone could be that crazy about anything - and I love Star Trek. But, really, the people depicted here need help. SERIOUSLY. Still, Trekkies is quite the amusing watch.

My Rating = Three Stars


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