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Reviews for the week of May 7, 2001.

Town and Country

Town and Country is an ordinary comedy about four middle age adulterers who cheat on their spouses and fail miserably at not getting caught.

Architect Warren Beatty can't decide who he'd rather have an affair with - a musician who likes to play the cello naked, or his wife's best friend (Goldie Hawn). So he sleeps with them both - but his wife (Diane Keaton) finds out about the cellist Nastassia Kinski.

Meanwhile, Hawn catches her husband (Garry Shandling) cheating on her with a much younger woman, so she divorces him. (Never mind that she cheated on him a few times in the past.)

Shandling and Beatty end up trying to sort things out at a mountain cabin. This involves Beatty getting two new girlfriends (as if he wasn't having enough trouble keeping up with the other ones already). Confused?

While Town and Country does have some very comical scenes, and the plot is certainly complicated, basically, this movie remains a mediocre misfit sort of comedy. With such an all-star cast of talented comedians/actors, you'd surely expect more from this movie.

However, Beatty's hopeless predicaments are worth a few good laughs. I'd just wait for this one to come out on video.

Note: Adultery would have been a more appropriate title.

My Rating = Two Stars


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