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Reviews for the week of April 10, 2000.

Romeo Must Die

Romeo Must Die
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Romeo Must Die is a great action film, but the characters and plot leave something to be desired.

Jet Li plays a martial arts expert who breaks out of his Japanese jail when he learns his brother in America has been killed. Arriving in America, he discovers that his brother was murdered, and sets out to avenge the death.

Li learns that his father's gang was at war with another gang - and they apparently killed his brother. He also meets Aaliyah, the daughter of the other gang's leader. They start a romance in the midst of this uncomfortable gang war - to their families' great dismay, of course.

Audio VersionThe plot dragged and I wasn't too impressed by any of these characters, but the martial arts action scenes were fun and impressive. The actors were well cast and convincing; they just didn't have the best characters to play.

My Rating = Two Stars


Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith
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Keeping the Faith is an original, intriguing romantic comedy.

Edward Norton and Ben Stiller are two best friends with totally different occupations - Norton is a Catholic priest, and Stiller is a Jewish rabbi. As kids, they formed a best friend trio with a cute girl named Anna, who moved away when they were twelve.

Now, grownup Anna (Jenna Elfman) is single, nearing thirty and is back in her old hometown - New York City, where both Norton and Stiller are still fond of her. While Stiller doesn't think he'll be promoted to head rabbi until he gets hitched, Norton, being a priest, has no romantic life - although he decides he may be willing to give up the priesthood for Anna.

So, you've got the best-friends-fighting-over-a-girl plot - that in itself - isn't new. However, the setup and characters are an innovative twist. Keeping the Faith wasn't predictable, in terms of who would end up with Anna, either.

Audio VersionSomehow, I expected Keeping the Faith to be more farcical, though it was indeed quite funny in some scenes, but not as much as I had hoped.

My Rating = Three Stars


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