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Reviews for the week of March 12, 2001.


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Computer graphics and animated characters have come a long way, especially with recent technological advancements. However, in the movie Monkeybone, human actor Brendan Frasier looks and acts much more like a monkey than his animated monkey costar. And that's before the monkey takes over his body.

Frasier plays a cartoonist on the verge of success, due to his brilliant creation, Monkeybone - you guessed it, a monkey cartoon character. But all he cares about is proposing to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, before he has the chance to propose, a car accident lands him in a coma.

This is where Monkeybone gets really annoying. Frasier travels into a dreamworld full of nonsensical but colorful and imaginative characters where he meets up with various and blurry nightmares including Monkeybone. When Monkeybone steals an exit pass, Frasier wakes up - but his body is now inhabited by the monkey. Naturally, Monkeybone acts like a monkey, which leads to some very embarassing - but seldom funny - scenes.

Monkeybone is a very weak attempt at comedy. Usually, you can't go wrong with bathroom humor - but even that fails to be amusing in Monkeybone. Plus, I've seen better acting in commercials for 900-number psychics. Poor acting is acceptable only if the movie is hysterically funny - and the only hysterically funny thing about Monkeybone is that people would actually pay money to see it.

My Rating = Two Stars


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