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The Dream Machine, doing business since 1977, produces custom and commercial software products. We have constructed copywritten programs both under our own name and for individual clients. We used to advertise that "If we can't do it, then it can't be done". Of late, this has become an impractical slogan. It is not that it is no longer true, but that recent the proliferation of platforms, operating systems and API's has made us admit that we can hardly claim to be expert in them all. Still the saying still represents the spirit of our company, to this very day.

The software design and project management is carried out under the expert guidance of Willy Chaplin, a man who has devoted the last thirty five years of his life to designing, programming and using modern computers. He is personally responsible for a couple of patents and has written almost two million lines of code, in languages spanning the spectrum for machine language (in 1960) to assembler (in several dialects), COBOL, FORTRAN, LISP, PROLOG, C, C++ and many, many more.

His background in industry centered around the early days of Artificial Intelligence, his speciality being pattern classification as used in speech recognition and many other AI devices.

Soon, we will make available on this page two software products that went from commercial ware to shareware and finally to freeware.

The first is an MSDOS shell program, called The Director that actually traces its lineage back to CP/M in the late seventies. Available as freeware will be the version 6.20 edition, matching the corresponding MSDOS version. (There are also versions for 6.21 or 6.22)

The second is a program that will play the game of backgammon against you. It knows how to play quite well, since it trained itself using pattern recognition techniques over a period of many years. It is in incarnation 5.8 and to this day, the author can not beat it over 50% of the time.

To write The Dream Machine, contact (Willy Chaplin)

To Download Backgammon in a ZIPped file called BACKGAMM.ZIP of length 79,592 bytes.
To Download The Director in a ZIPped file called DIRECTOR.ZIP of length 113.610 bytes.
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