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No matter what is your native language, four out of five people in the world do NOT speak that language ! Throughout world history, this fact has separated the peoples of the world into relatively small groups. These groups have a great deal of trouble communicating with one another. The rulers of the world have translators in their employ, so they have less trouble saying whatever they want among themsleves. However, judging by the troubles even they have agreeing with one another, they need help.

That help can only come from one source: we, the people. Perhaps if we can begin talking with each other, sharing our daily lives and dreams, we can find ways to bridge the gap history has given us. Maybe we can come together and start sorting out the many problems that face us all. This program is a start in that direction.

If you are a user of FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter you have probably wished that you could communicate with your friends in other parts of the world in their preferred languages. This site will allow you to download an application which will allow you to do that with your email. It will translate your email from your preferred language to the preferred language of your recipient. Both the original text and the translated text will be in the email. The translation is done by Google Translate, a free service of Google. The application will also allow you to translate in reverse. That is, you can translate the original translation back into your preferred language. This is a way of seeing how accurate the original translation was. By editing your text, you can make your translation more and more accurate.

If you are not reading this page in English, it has already been translated by Google for you. The email application you can obtain in this site is an example of the future of the World Wide Web and communication on the Internet, when everyone will be able to view everything in any language he or she wishes.

There is another Dream Machine application called SuperChat that will allow you to enter a chat room where everyone reads and writes in his or her preferred language. These two applications combined with the function Google already has for translating whole Web pages are the true beginnings of world communication among all people. Perhaps they will help us all create a world where everyone lives in peace and prosperity.

To see how the program will look, check out the links below:

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